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    Each night we hear about more violence and unrest in the Middle East and North Africa. First, it was the revolution in Egypt, but now the headlines have shifted to Libya, Iran and other suffering people. Egypt is still very much on our minds and in our prayers here at cbm Canada. For one, we have programs there and families who are already under our care. Our partner network has turned to their Canadian brothers and sisters for support for these families. There are approximately 1,200 families supported by our programs that are in desperate need of food and aid to help them re-establish themselves and regain stability. These are the most marginalized families – families living with blindness and disability – who will not be able to recover without our help.Karim has 6 children. When he lost his eyesight, he could no longer do much of the work on his farm. So his wife and their children do the backbreaking work instead. But during the several weeks of lawlessness and lack of security, she and her children could not go out to work for fear of their safety.These families are the most vulnerable and need our immediate help. We have about 250 staff and volunteers in Egypt poised to provide assistance. These people will do the work of purchasing the goods from wholesalers, packaging them in boxes for all sizes of families, and ensuring that they get into the homes of those who most need them. With a gift of $50 we can start to provide services like treating injuries, protecting families, distributing food, and providing income aid to those who are unable to work because of this crisis.

Thank you again for answering the call to support families with disabilities. Your support will put them back on their path to safety and financial independence.

Most thankfully,

Ed Epp
Executive Director, cbm Canada

ABOUT ED:  http://blog.cbmcanada.org/about-ed/ 

P.S. Your generosity and prayers are urgently needed to help the most vulnerable in Egypt!

Please answer the call of our families in distress.


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