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Women in Recovery, the planets and the stars do have an affect on your mood, and are worthy of investigation.


Take Action!


The full moon offers you the opportunity to anchor the moon’s energy and use it to manifest your dreams and goals in this tangible world we live in. And, it’s the time to appreciate what you’ve accomplished thus far.


This year’s first full moon falls in the sign of Leo on February 18, 2011,  at 8:37 am. 




“Full Moon symbolizes a time for situations to come to light. They give us answers to the questions we are seeking,” explains astrologer Maria Shaw, author of six books including her latest Soul Mates and Cell Mates (http://www.mariashaw.com/). Meanwhile, full moons stir up deep emotions so expect the unexpected as people are more expressive during this time of the month, says Shaw.

Leos are all about love, fun and creativity. The lion also rules personal power, the beauty and magnetism of personal vision, and romantic love. Therefore, this is a good time to amplify and add energy to your relationships. Plan a romantic day. And focus on the things you appreciate in your friends and lover.

If you don’t have a significant other, set an intention to draw the right person to you, says life-balance coach Barbara Schiffman and author of Dancing on the Wheel of Life. Watch romantic comedies to get in the mood or write a list of the specific things you want to experience in a partner. To infuse fun into your life, engage in activities that allow your inner child to come out and play. Plan a game night and invite friends for a game of Boggle or go bowling or dancing.

Most people will be in a partying mood over the full moon weekend, says Shaw. Also, this will be a great weekend to gamble as many people will be extra lucky, especially Leo and fellow fire signs; Aries and Sagittarius. “And whenever the moon is in the sign of Leo, you can find great bargains and sales too. You could nab the sale of the century! However, be careful of overindulging too. You’re apt to go to extremes as well.”

Meanwhile, for those of you who have been working on your goals since the New Moon in Capricorn, the Leo Full Moon provides an intense energetic field with which to release your intentions for achievement out to the world.

According to Lynda Forbes, astrologer and author of Tarot of Recovery, Saturn transiting in Leo shows you, which areas you need to concentrate on in order to realize your creative projects. This is a good month to focus on the business end of things.

This month make the most of the Leo Full Moon, by wearing bright Leo colors like sun yellow and gold. And eat foods that resonate with Leo energy, adds Schiffman, like almonds, oranges, lemons and honey.

And since Leo is a fire sign, use fire in your rituals. Light candles in your space while at your desk or use that fireplace for the first time.

The full Moon in Leo casts light over the roots of your life and you’ll delve into past events to try and clarify why things panned out as they did. Take time to plan ahead, as meticulous attention to detail should ensure you move on unhindered.”


By Maryam Henein


By Maryam Henein at: www.californiapsychics.com  

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