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A Viewpoint of Your Life

“When one is incarnate it is easy to become completely absorbed by the linear dramatic life. The focus is immediate and compacted leaving the soul distracted by all the solidness and theatrics.
If one is to truly evolve it is important to step outside of the life. A view of the bigger picture is often helpful when trying to determine your advancement.
Take in each day a moment where the energy is not one of the linear. A moment where a sense of oneness and tranquility over rides everything else. It does not have to be a standard meditation process. It can be as simple as a walk, listening to music, or appreciating the breeze upon your face as you sit in a favorite spot.
The idea of a private moment is often foreign to most of you. A breath of tranquility no matter what the source, can give you a view point of your life.
Take a pause.
Separate from the little picture and participate with the bigger one. The one where your soul resides. It will make a difference. By putting the dramatics of the day that appear so enormous in a different perspective, you will be able to see clearly the direction to go.
Design your moment of meditation. It is certainly all right to do so.
Become one with the bigger picture. Your path may be easier in the linear because of it.
Take the pause.
Become clear.”

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