The Shift Network: 3 Keys to Becoming a Soulful Woman

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For the women out there in The Shift Network: if you’re like most women, you probably struggle with the tension of our modern, fast-paced lifestyle and the need to take time out regularly to nourish your soulful self.Many of us know in our hearts that we are spiritual beings living in a material world. But how do we actually balance the demands of our busy lives with the desire to cultivate an ongoing Divine connection?Join us for our free teleseminar, 3 Keys to Becoming a Soulful Woman, and learn how to bring the sacred into your daily life to become the soulful, radiant woman you are meant to be! This call takes place next Tuesday, March 1st at 5pm Pacific.Click here to get all the details.Historically, we came together as women in circles where sacred tools and practices were passed down from generation to generation. Unfortunately, most of these lineages have been broken. In this 75-minute teleseminar, we can’t wait to share with you ways to tap into these “forgotten” sacred practices that joined women together for many centuries and empower you with the tools needed to become a deeply Soulful Woman. You will learn:

  • Easy practices you can use daily to reconnect to Source and experience life’s magic
  • The essential tools needed to create a nourishing sacred space to deeply support you on your spiritual path
  • The most important ingredient needed to deepen your spiritual practice and live in a state of Grace

At the end of this live event, you will have the opportunity to ask us questions and connect in small groups with other inspiring women from around the world.

We are so delighted to share this hour with you and give you key takeaways for becoming a more fully alive and passionate Soulful Woman!

Join us by clicking here.

Devaa Haley Mitchell                   & Elayne Doughty



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