The Healer’s Way – Are you an Energy Healer?


The Healer’s Way




Would you like to be an energy healer but don’t think
you can ‘feel’ energy?
Believe it or not, you’re not alone. Plenty of energy
healers (myself included!) start out this way – with
little or no feeling for the subtle energies of the body.
But sensing energy is a skill you can learn. All it takes
is some practice, desire and concentration. 🙂


Whether you’re already an healer, wish to be one, or
just want to better care for yourself and your family,
this exercise is for you.
It will help you start sensitizing your hands so you can
feel and interact with the subtle energies of your own body,
and the bodies of others.

>>Try the Awakening Awareness exercise here


Let us know how you like it!



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Oh! Kids love this little exercise. I taught it to my son
when he was a boy and he used to pretend his hands were
stretching a big wad of bubble gum!


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