Taryn Galewind: 5 Unbeatable Valentine’s Day Gifts


5 Unbeatable Valentine’s Day Gifts


Roses, heart boxes full of chocolates, and jewelry are terrific Valentine’s Day gifts, but you could step outside the traditional gifts and really wow your special Valentine this year. Adventure gifts, psychic experiences, and passionate presents are just the things to heat up your relationship and tickle your lover’s fancy.





Here are five sure to please gift suggestions:


1. Create a date like no other. My husband and my first date was a quiet dinner. We love music and talked about my favorite bluegrass singer, John Hartford. The next week, my lover and future husband took me 800 miles away to hear Hartford play at a tiny cafe in Atlanta. What does your lover love?

2. Arrange a psychic reading for two. Wouldn’t you like to know if you two were connected long before you met in this life? A past-life regression reading can tell you things you wouldn’t envision. Were you lovers before? Find out and share a Valentine’s Day like no other. Or have a Tarot reading to see what lies ahead.

3. Commemorate your love with a star. You can name your very own star in the heavens and officially register the name at StarRegistry. Combine your names. Name it after your song. Call it after the month and year you met. Your registered name will join stars named by celebrities, politicians, and royals. Budget friendly and oh-so-unique.

4. Choose an experiential present. What do you give someone who has everything? Give something they can do. Check out www.XperienceDays.com.  Choose a city and an experience. Price points from about $70. Cruises, helicopter lessons, cooking tours, and tons more. The presentation is an impressive gift brochure. I got one for Christmas – my favorite present!

5. Go passionate and sexy. Buy yourself the sexiest lingerie or lounge wear you can find – 100% different from your usual style. Get a couples toy, and study up on a new love position or bedroom skill. Plan the most sensual evening your imagination can come up with. Spend hours pleasuring each other and remembering why you’re together.


February 14 is a Celebration of Love, and you can make it memorable.


The trick is to think about your partner’s needs and wants and then try to make a dream come true. The perfect gift doesn’t have to cost a fortune. It needn’t be elaborate. Just make it the most personal expression of your special love. Your mate will be putty in your hands.


By Taryn Galewind of: www.californiapsychics.com


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