Jesus The Book – ‘…a spiritual masterpiece’



Jesus The Book


 “Jesus The Book is a spiritual masterpiece, it will captivate your soul in a way that very few books are able to do. It will awaken and reconnect dormant aspect of your very core in a way that’s natural, gentle and loving. Spiritual transformation awaits all you need to do say is ‘yes'”
Agnes Fehlau B.Mcs, Intuitive Therapist, Radio Host

“Agni and Durga, I would describe your work…Jesus the book… as a spiritual Monet”
Samuel Joseph Bell, Florida

“Jesus The Book is one of those books that come around just once in a while. This book I could not put down. … Read More
Rev. John Hirana, Westminster, CA USA









The above issue has been referred to us through one of our very own WOMEN of ACTION, PamelaJo MacQuade.



 ” Dear Spiritually Sexy Ones~

Passing along a book, a work and a website that I feel is spiritual brilliance and truth.. I hope you will enjoy, as I have…
Jesus~The Book..Learn, open, receive this powerful message!  “
Love and Light~
Pamela Jo McQuade

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