Debbie Keil-Leavitt – Is There More to My Path in Life than My Sun Sign?


Is There More to My Path in Life than My Sun Sign?


Were you shaken by the recent announcement by an astronomer that your sun sign is probably incorrect?

This isn’t “news”—Western astrologers are well aware of the issue, and also have a valid basis for the zodiac we use.

Don’t worry, and trust your sun sign as you know it.



Then again, the astronomer who caused the “viral” web reaction was only wrong about the knowledge of astrologers, not the glory of looking at the sky and the astrological information there. If he made you curious about the sky, and what the planets and stars looked like overhead on the night you were born, he did you a service, because now there are wonderful ways for astrologers to give a rich new understanding of your life path that is as powerful as your sun sign—the heliacal rising and setting stars on the day you were born, something quite visible in the sky. California Psychics is one of the few sites where you can get this information!

To give you some idea of the power of your heliacal rising and setting stars, they are what the ancient Egyptians used to build our modern calendar. Their civilization, culture and religion lasted for thousands of years. In Egypt the heliacal rising of a prominent star was a cause for great celebration, as each is a “resurrection” story. The star, a “god” in their culture, had disappeared for a period of time and suddenly rose before the sun at dawn. You have that guiding star in your chart, and it brings you gifts and personal jewels from the underworld for you to share.

The heliacal setting star had been “hanging out” among the stars in heaven, never rising or setting, until one day it set, touching the world of mankind. This star guides you to your personal goals. This is personal information that is now available to all astrologers, thanks to the brilliant astrologer and astronomer Bernadette Brady. She has rediscovered your personal heliacal rising and setting stars—your unique talents and your path toward the purpose of your life.

Someone born in Los Angeles during the month of January would have Facies as their heliacal rising star. Facies is in the steady, unwavering eye of the great centaur warrior Sagittarius. If your employee has this star, turn them loose and they will accomplish their assigned goal, taking “no prisoners.” If your love has this star and thinks that you’re the greatest, shine with your personal gift and you will reach your highest dreams as a team. If you have this star, look to Simon Wiesenthal, a wonderful example of someone with this focus who would not rest until those who created the holocaust were found and the victims were honored. This works brilliantly with a determined Capricorn sun. You Aquarians will have a focus on the future that you are sure to achieve.

Those born in New York from February 20 to April 3 have Regulus as their heliacal setting star. The “Heart of the Lion” (Leo) is your regal goal. You are growing in true leadership abilities. This requires the grand view of your Pisces sun guiding you to be a true leader of the people you so love. For Aries born under this star, know that you will lead us all as soon as your fearless pursuit of goals is integrated with serving your people.

If you were born in Melbourne between January 12 and February 5, you have Ras Alhague, the head of the constellation of so much focus recently, Ophiuchus, as your Heliacal Rising Star. This constellation represents the gift of the great healer and teacher. Capricorns might feel more inclined to heal through being a health care professional. The Aquarian sun may heal with words or your political work to serve people.


By Debbie Keil-Leavitt 


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