VERONICA – Spirit Guides II

A Message From VERONICA


Spirit Guides II   

“Spirit guides are pure energy vibrating in a compatible way with your own. In the incarnation process the linear energy can become out of sync making it difficult for smooth communication. Most would prefer the dialogue to be conversational but in desperation would settle for a word.




Too become more aligned, the linear soul (you) should attempt separating from the daily chitter chatter that accumulates in one’s mind. This can be achieved in many ways and we suggest that the standard process of meditation may not be appropriate for all.

Seek calmness in a way suitable for your own energy. One can spend much linear time participating in a meditation process that is not aligned with them.

It is also important to understand that outside of the time line energy does not participate in verbal language or events. The vibration resonates more predominantly non-linearly. So there is probability that communication will be more energetic at times manifesting as a feeling or inclination.

This is not to say that verbal communication does not exist. It is stated to remind you that linear is not the only path and to not be disappointed if words are not readily available.

The same holds true for names and labels. Energies often have participated in many experiences thus referring to themselves as “us” rather than “I”. Outside of the linear the multiplicity of participation makes a single name or label irrelevant.

We realize though the importance of such labels to those participating in a “life”. The guide may indulge and take a familiar name they have incarnated as. Or they may simply agree to a label that has meaning for you.

It’s not the name that is so important as the energy flow of the relationship.



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