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Be In The Flow

“In times of trouble most tighten their energy in defense.
It is a natural reaction when the vibration does not match your own.
Everything in reality has an ebb and flow of energy.
It is the core of all physical manifestations.
It is important to keep the self relaxed and participating in a healthy vibration.
We realize that by closing off the soul one may feel momentarily protected.
However, in the long run the ultimate participation comes from an ebb and flow.
Keeping closed does not allow for the natural progression of the soul.
We would suggest when events are difficult to maintain the free flow vibration of the soul as it comes
In the physical it is sometimes not easy.
The soul on the other hand will rise to the occasion if given access to do so.
We say when dealing with trying situations allow the soul to participate.
Keep the linear in line with the soul.
By creating a free flow of energy you are designing a vortex of vibration that is your own.
It is the most secure way to move past the difficulty.
Keep the ebb and flow of your soul at the forefront of your thoughts.
Never allow it to stand still.
Your vibration is who you really are.
Be in the flow.
Once you are comfortable allow it to take you beyond the moment.
Suddenly the way may clear offering more opportunity for evolvement.
Stay calm.
Stay focused.
Be in the flow.”
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