INSPIRATIONAL PHOTO – There are many Paths TO the Same Garden.


There are many paths to God, choose the path that’s right for you.




Proverbs – Today in Proverbs 20 verse 24 :

 “A person’s steps are directed by the LORD, ‘How’ then can anyone understand his own way?”


This is a powerful Proverb for us to consider.

Do you believe that your steps are directed by God?

I think so often we want to be in control of our own steps. And when we really try to take control of our own steps is when we so often stumble. . . It is so powerful for us to realize that the best thing we can possibly do in our lives is let God direct our steps! Let God lead us. And then let us pray we will follow. The question posed by at the end of this Proverb above is probably frustrating to our modern minds – “Whaddya mean I can’t understand my own way! That ain’t right. I am in charge around here!” Are we really? I mean, really? The question posed by this Proverb reminds me of another wise and famous Proverb in chapter 3, verses 5 through 6 – “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.” We should not ever try to make our own paths straight! Let God do it. He knows where we should be going. All we need to do is trust God. Simply trust. Do you trust God to direct your steps and make your paths straight?



Many Paths to the Same GARDEN:


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