Courtney's Story – 2nd Anniversary of her Death.



~~ Courtney’s Story ~~

2nd Anniversary of her Death.



Today is the 2nd anniversary of Courtney’s death and as I expected I felt drawn to ride out the night until 8:18 a m this morning sitting by her bed as I did two years ago today.  The only difference today was, I wasn’t holding her hand, but her heart in mine.

It was hard to send the kids off to school today, but Courtney would not have had it any other way. I pray somehow the powers above will allow all of this to come together and her story can be told and shared with the world.


” If it’s meant to be, it ill happen… ” says Todd Hewitt, as he works diligently to make the life of his daughter hold a meaning, one that would save lives globally.  Team Celebration is with you, and all our friends will hold the flame for you, Todd.

Courtney’s Story:

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sends our blessings to Courtney’s Family .



Courtney’s Memory lives on…!!!


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