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Your 2011 Astrology Forecast

By Cortney Litwin

Happy New Year!


Several significant planetary shifts are taking place in 2011, which in turn may produce some changes, breakthroughs and opportunities in your own life. Let’s take a look at the major influences in the coming year to see what the cosmos has in store for us.




Jupiter: Your Luck and Opportunities

Jupiter in Pisces: Until January 21, the planet of expansion, higher learning and good fortune will be transiting through the last degrees of Pisces, which energizes spiritual and philanthropic activities, healing and intuition. Getting in touch with your inner life through introspective practices such as meditation and dream analysis will heighten your powers of perception – and your psychic powers as well. Those of you with a strong emphasis on water signs (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces) or earth signs (Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn) will be especially motivated to explore and expand your personal growth.

Jupiter in Aries: Then from January 21-June 3, Jupiter will be transiting through pioneering Aries, which can bring opportunities to launch new and groundbreaking projects. Expressing your individuality, blazing your own trail and promoting your ideas are encouraged by this influence, especially if you have a strong emphasis on fire signs (Aries, Leo or Sagittarius) or air signs (Gemini, Libra or Aquarius).

Jupiter in Taurus: On June 4, Jupiter enters earthy Taurus, where it will stay through the remainder of the year. It’s time to take some practical steps to make your dreams come true. It’s also time to expand your earning power by having faith in the abundance of the Universe, which will help you manifest prosperity.

On a practical level, expanding your education to increase your earning power is also encouraged. On a global scale, this influence favors projects and legislation that improve the environment. Those of you with a strong emphasis on earth signs (Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn) or water signs (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces) will be especially motivated to improve your finances, emotional security or physical health.


Saturn: Your Challenges and Commitments

Saturn in Libra: Not much is changing with Saturn this year. The planet of responsibility, karma and commitment will continue its transit through Libra until October 5, 2012. This influence forces us to take a good hard look at how we relate to each other, both personally and globally. It also emphasizes equality, law, peace and keeping our lives in balance. Those of you with key placements in Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn may be challenged to work through self-limiting thoughts, beliefs or fears that hinder your progress, especially with relationships.


Uranus: Your Life Makeover

Uranus in Pisces: Until March 11, the planet of upheaval, revolution and enlightenment will be transiting through Pisces, which can bring sudden breakthroughs in spiritual awareness, healing and issues concerning the underprivileged. On a personal level, this influence can make you aware of any problems in your life that you’re in denial about. Those of you with placements in late Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces may feel the call to change your direction, attitude or perception of the world.

Uranus in Aries: After touching down in Aries briefly last summer, Uranus reenters Aries on March 11, where it will stay for the better part of eight years. A global awakening is about to take place concerning how we express our individuality. Will our actions be for the good of all involved or for selfish purposes only? This influence will certainly evoke radical behavior in some people. On the upside, it will produce pioneering discoveries in science and technology.

On a personal level, Uranus may bust you out of your comfort zone and onto a new path this year if you have key placements in early Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn.


Neptune: Your Spiritual Tune-up

Neptune in Aquarius and Pisces: Perhaps the biggest shift this year is Neptune transiting into Pisces briefly – from April 4-August 4 – after being in Aquarius for fifteen years. The shift, which is the ultimate “we are all one” wake-up call, may be subtle at first. Still, because Neptune rules Pisces, this transit will be a powerful one that can ultimately dissolve the cultural and political boundaries that keep us apart.

On a personal level, from April 4-August 4, those of you with placements in early Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces may begin to experience the need to let go of an attitude, goal, person, material possession or fantasy that is blocking your soul development. It’s all about connecting with the source, whatever that means for you. Neptune will re-enter Pisces in February 2012.


Pluto: Your Rebirth

Pluto in Capricorn: This slow-moving planet will still be in early Capricorn throughout 2011. Its mission is to demolish outmoded ways of being in the world as a means of rebirth. Old political and business structures will be particularly affected by this influence, which began in 2008 (and bulldozed business and financial institutions).

On a personal level, if you haven’t done so already, those of you with key placements in early Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn may need to let go of something you’ve relied upon, but no longer need, so you can be empowered to move forward.


Retrogrades in 2011

Retrograde planets encourage you to finish old projects, tie up loose ends, clean out unneeded stuff and take some time to review your direction. As such, they can sometimes hinder the launch of a new path, project or relationship. In any case, it’s always a good idea during retrograde periods to review (and perhaps revamp) your approach to whatever you’re trying to accomplish.


  • March 30-April 22
  • August 2-August 25
  • November 23-December 12

As the planet of communications and travel, retrograde Mercury can cause misunderstandings, travel snafus and backtracking over projects you started during retrograde Mercury, so double-check your messages, plans, agreements and paperwork.


  • August 30-December 24

Retrograde Jupiter can hinder the expansion of your projects. Conversely, it encourages a review of your education goals, spiritual practices and attitude about prosperity.


  • January 25-June 11

As the planet of materialism, retrograde Saturn can slow down your outer goals until you’ve laid a solid foundation from which to work. On the other hand, it encourages a review of your career goals, commitments, self-limiting beliefs and attitudes about security.


  • July 9-December 9

Retrograde Uranus can hinder the progress of technology – or anything considered new and different. This influence encourages activities that promote personal growth and global awareness.


  • June 3-November 8

Retrograde Neptune is the ultimate introspective influence, but it can sometimes make you feel confused or adrift. It encourages going inward to illuminate areas in your life that need healing, especially if you’re feeling victimized, needy or directionless.


April 9-September 15

Retrograde Pluto is all about elimination. It can help you excavate and purge the dark places in your psyche, thereby healing emotional issues like resentment, anger, jealousy and powerlessness. It also encourages the elimination of old habits and attitudes that keep you stuck.

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