TAKE ACTION! – STOP Discrimination Against People with Parkinson's Disease!

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 Parkinson’s is a devastating genetic disease that impairs motor skill and can silence speech; in worst cases, it can render the sufferer completely unable to move. The last thing anyone with Parkinson’s or at risk for the disease should face is discrimination from insurance companies and employers.Urge the Canadian government to stop discrimination against people with diseases like Parkinson’s. » Genetic discrimination is a growing problem in Canada, and it can cause people to delay or decline genetic testing because they’re afraid of how insurance companies and employers may react if they’re diagnosed — putting their health in danger.»  

The US, the UK and most of the EU have taken steps to ensure people aren’t discriminated against based on their likelihood of developing diseases like Parkinson’s — now it’s time Canada did the same.
Tell the Canadian government: Take Action to stop genetic discrimination. »   

    STOP Discrimination Against People with Parkinson’s Disease!Thanks for Taking Action!Kayla



Help Stop Discrimination Against People with Parkinson’s
Take Action!

Take Action link: http://www.care2.com/go/z/e/Aga6N/zKW8/BMoqz

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