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“I became “friends” with Todd R. Hewitt on Facebook and after reading brief reviews at A Celebration of about a book he had written and chatting back and forth with him,

 I ordered his book “Courtney’s Story.”

I loved all the family photos in the book, because it put faces with the story. “Courtney’s Story”, really broke my heart! She was a vivacious young single mother of four beautiful children ages 7, 8, 11 and 12.; she had reached a point of real hope in her life; and, she had no idea what was ahead for her when she was diagnosed with PML. She died quickly after learning her fate and much before she should have.

This heart wrenching true story is a must read, for anyone with children.

As parents we never expect to lose our children while we are living. This tragedy and loss of his daughter, has resulted in Todd becoming the parent for his grandchildren and a full-time crusader to bring awareness in hopes of a future cure for Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy (PML).. not just associated with HIV, but certain forms of Cancer, MS and organ transplant recipients!

 The beauty of “Courtney’s Story”,


is in her father’s love and the hope is in finding a cure!




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sends our blessings and love to Gerry Batte Russell. 



Thank you for Taking Action!

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  1. It takes a huge amount of personal resolve and courage to bring yourself through a tragedy and I know not everyone makes it.
    To lose a child in any circumstances must be completely earth stopping.
    Having the privilege of bringing up your Grand Children must be awesome (Hello to all of you from the UK)

    ‘Courtney’s Story’ is so inspiring in many ways – and what is most inspiring about it is Todd’s determination to give her death a different meaning, not just for her family, also to the world at large. A meaning that tells of courage and of a Father’s love to let the world know his little girl lived. A meaning that will enable others to live theirs too.

    Thank you so much for all you have done

    Sarah Jayne

  2. Gerry Russell says

    Thank you for posting my review. Todd, I wish for you and your precious family a happy and healthy new year and continuing success in spreading the word and finding a cure for PML. Hugs and love.

  3. What a wonderful way to begin the New Year! Thank you so much Gerry for such a lovely review. As I read it, my four grandchildren , Chloe’, Kylie, Claudia and Alexander gathered around the computer as well. As we read it together as we do all posts and acknowledgements, the smiles and yes the teary little eyes, the youngest of the girls (Claudia)
    said,” Momma would like that!”

    Gerry, may 2011 bring to you joy, love, health and happiness!

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