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Following the incredible International success of the books….

“Jesus” and “Buddha”… 

Deepak Chopra now goes boldly beyond the headlines, the controversy, the fears and confusion, to bring us the third in his series of “teaching novels” about the world’s greatest spiritual leaders.
Spiritually Sexy Ones~
Never has there been a better time to shed light on the world’s second-largest, yet most misunderstood religion – a faith rooted in peace, yet so commonly associated with terrorism in the western world…
Never has there been a more suitable story teller than Deepak Chopra, with his Eastern background and spiritual wisdom combined with his experience of life and learning in the Western world, to tackle such a hot-button topic…
…and provide the perfect antidote to this widespread and disillusioned prejudice.
In “MUHAMMAD: A Story of the Last Prophet” he shows us a man who, against all odds, rose above his humble origins as an illiterate orphan … a man who claimed no divinity for himself yet, through receiving divine revelation, led an entire nation to the one God of Islam.
Chopra tackles head-on the difficult tasks of…
  • Have heard too much negativity in the news regarding the world of Islam to view it without extreme prejudice
  • Want to know more about the truth behind the faith
  • Would like to see the prophet Muhammad through the eyes of those who were closest to him
  • Want to experience how a man like you or me could champion the most culturally diverse religion in the world
  • Are searching to attain a higher level of consciousness in order to commune with the Divine yourself
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Compellingly told, this is not only good storytelling, it also helps readers, especially non-Muslims, better understand the complexities and contradictions surrounding Islam.” – Booklist
This is the day to get YOUR copy and experience this story of love, and all Muhammad truly stood for … told with all the sensitivity and honesty Deepak is known for.
I know that Muhammad suffers under centuries of disapproval outside the Muslim world,” Chopra writes. “Ours is not the first age to react suspiciously when told that Islam means peace.”
By exploring the life-and the humanity-of Muhammad, Chopra does us all a great service by offering up a better understanding of a vibrant, thriving faith that continues to transform our world.
Love and Light~
Pamela Jo McQuade

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