Belize Celebrates Independence Day – Celebrating September 21

Belize Celebrates Independence Day

Independence Day in Belize is a public holiday.

September 21

Belize celebrates Independence Day as a public holiday.

‘Though Belize is technically Central America, that English-speaking microstate has a history that is fairly distinct from that of the other states in the region. At present this tiny republic, which only became formally independent from Great-Britain in 1981, does not figure significantly in the ‘Central American’ problem’ (1993:3).

Every year on 21 September,

Belize celebrates the anniversary of its Independence from Great Britain.

History of Belize Independence Day

The Europeans arrived in the 1500s and the Mayas still lived in the area during that time. Spanish colonists abandoned their efforts to settle in the area of Belize because the Mayas resisted to be colonized.

The English pirates first settled on the coast of Belize in 1638 because it’s an ideal place to launch its attacks on Spanish ships. However, during the 1700s, settlers gave up on buccaneering and turned to cutting logwood instead. Spain granted the British settlers the right to occupy the area as long as they do not return to their buccaneering ways.

The settlement in Belize was not initially recognized as a colony by the British government. However, it allowed the settlers to establish their own laws and forms of government. It was only in 1786 when the British first appointed an administrator oversee the area.

The Spanish tried to solidify its claim of sovereignty over the whole of Central America and it even tried to gain control of Belize by force over Belize. Unfortunately, Spain was not successful. The people of Belize finally defeated the Spanish at the Battle of St. George’s Cay on September 10, 1798.

The British claimed the rights to administer the region in 1836 after most of the colonies of Spain were emancipated. In 1862, Great Britain formally named it British Honduras and declared it as a British colony.

George Cadle Price (born January 15, 1919) was the first Prime Minister of Belize and is considered the architect of that country’s independence. Born in Belize City, he entered politics in 1947 with his election to the Belize City Council. Three years later, on September 29, 1950, he cofounded the People’s United Party, which he led for four decades and which was devoted to the political and economic independence of the Britishcolony then known as British Honduras.

In 1954, constitutional reforms were started and this resulted in a new constitution after ten years. So in 1964, Britain granted British Honduras self-government and George Price—became the colony’s prime minister.

British Honduras officially became Belize in 1973.

Belize Independence Day Traditions, Customs and Activities

Independence Day include activities like flag raising ceremonies, carnival and music making. There are street dancing, sumptuous Caribbean foods to be enjoyed and the coronation of Miss San Pedro.

A Celebration of Women

sends our blessings to all the Women of our World, and their families in Belize.

Celebrate Independence!

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