Tunisia Family/Woman’s Day – August 13 th , Celebrate!

Tunisia Family Day

Family Day in Tunisia is a public holiday.

Family Day

August 13, 2011

Tunisia celebrates Family Day as a public holiday.

Tunisia Family Day History

Tunisia has rich histories past as most of the Mediterranean cultures had a birth in this place. It is a very family friendly place, as it has many places for one to roam about such as beautiful Mediterranean beaches, charming bazaars, ancient amphitheaters and many more, which you can discover once you visit the place.

Women’s Day is celebrated everywhere on March 8th, but Tunisia does it on 13th August and this was enacted in 1956.

Tunisian Code of Personal Status

has created a shock for the Islamic world.

‘Women’s Day in Tunisia isn’t celebrated on March 8th like much of the rest of the world, but on August 13, in commemoration of the Tunisian Code of Personal Status, enacted on this day in 1956.

The Code and the principles it endorsed sent shock waves across the Islamic world when it was created. Among other things, the Code established judicial divorce proceedings, gave women the right to request divorce, set the minimum age for marriage at 17, abolished polygamy, regulated alimony payments, improved women’s standing in child custody proceedings and inheritance matters, and reduced gender inequality in general.

The Code of Personal Status was one of the first major legislative actions of the new government. Tunisia had only gained independence from France in March of that year.

It’s been said, the Code differs from women’s rights legislation in other nations in that, though supported by active women’s groups such as the National Union of Tunisian Women, the Code was not a reaction to a widespread grass-roots movement, but an action of a reformist government in a recently-independent nation with the purpose of modernizing Tunisian societal structure to enable Tunisia to compete in an industrialized, post-war world.’

Modern Tunisian Women

The code gave the right of judicial divorce proceedings. Women were given right to file for the divorcé. The marriage age for the girl was fixed to a minimum of 17, polygamy was banned, women right for the child was improved and many more things were done in favor of women. It was one of the things, which had brought about revolution in the life of women.

This day is often referred to a Family Day even, as the women who look after the family and children got many right on this day. The code has a variation when compared to the women’s rights legislation of the other nations. The Code did not have an effect to bring the grass roots movement, but it was a try by a reformist government to modernize Tunisian societal structure, so that it could easily compete with the other industrialized, post-war world. As Tunisia was the one to get independence recently, so it needs something to modernize itself and this code was the best option.

No women could also demand for their rights and enjoy with their family.

The official language spoken by Tunisian is Arabic.

Tunisia Family Day Traditions and Activities

Tunisia has a mixed culture due to different conquerors like Phoenicians, Romans, Vandals, Byzantines, has left their individual mark on the country.

The most dominant religion practiced in Tunisia is Sunni Islam and minority of Christian,

Jews also do exist.

Tunisia Celebrates Family Day!

Tunisian people celebrate each and every festival or holiday with great pleasure.

One of the most wonderful festival i.e. Sahara Festival is very important in the eye of the Tunisians, as it celebrates the culture and traditions of the Sahara people.

Many tourists and great musicians from all over the world are easily attracted to this splendid festival.

There is a camel race, which also is a part of this day and is known as the camel race. Even though it is very rate, but people do look out for participating in the same.

A Celebration of Women

sends our blessings and love

to all of the Women in Tunisia.


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