Pandemic Wedding Hacks to Make the Quarantine Bride Feel

Of all the holidays and special occasions that the coronavirus has heartlessly thwarted this year, no one feels its effects more so than the quarantine bride. No cheek-to-cheek wedding dance after the ceremony, no joyous hugs from loved ones.

When her big day finally arrives, her bridesmaids will be wearing her chosen wedding colors — with matching medical-grade masks. Probably not quite what she imagined as a little girl.

For this reason, it’s all the more important to make her feel special on her special day. Here are a few wedding suggestions to save the day if COVID-19 has placed the bride-to-be under quarantine.

Find a Theme That Works

When the biggest issue with hosting a wedding during a pandemic is social distancing to ensure everyone’s health and safety, many of the classic wedding themes may not apply. As such, get creative and choose a theme that embraces the moment rather than fights against it.

For instance, a “Night at the Oscars” theme won’t do, but a “drive-in movie” wedding theme could work beautifully. Case in point: Guests can be spaced out appropriately at small tables disguised to look like cars. The loving couple is yards away, but a giant movie screencasts the ceremony for all to see.

Meantime, self-serve “concession stands” would allow guests to grab some treats at appropriate intervals with minimal personal contact, eliminating the need for servers. Just be sure to keep the popcorn and hand sanitizer flowing.

Buy Her Some COVID-Appropriate Gifts

During a pandemic, guests will need to think outside the box when it comes to gift-giving by keeping quarantine in mind. These days, because just about everyone is homebound, any and all gifts should reflect this newfangled reality. As such, consider buying COVID-friendly gifts, like ultra-soft towels to compensate for the amount of hand washing done these days, a Dutch oven so the happy couple can up their home cooking game, or a monthly wine subscription to be delivered to their home. Though dealing with COVID-19 might mean not receiving the most exclusive gifts, the bride can be happy knowing she’ll receive items that she might actually put to good use.

The quarantine bride will be making plenty of sacrifices, so it’s imperative she be allowed a few classic wedding sentiments. The wedding cake, for example. While the traditional five-tiered communal wedding cake is definitely out this year, a bride should never be denied a cake altogether. In fact, many wedding parties are opting for individually wrapped cupcakes or cake pops. This way, the bride can still have the experience of shopping for and tasting delectable cakes, but the distribution of the tasty treat is sanitized. Impersonal? Maybe. Safe? Definitely.

Another wedding element a newly wedded woman should never be denied is bridal lingerie. Whether it’s gifted by her husband-to-be or by a bridesmaid, sexy yet classy bridal lingerie is the perfect gift to remind the quarantine bride that she’s beautiful and that this day is still all about her. Even though plans may have changed, there’s no reason for her not to look and feel her best on her wedding day!

Put Your Creative Touch to the Test

Though the pandemic has upset many of life’s monumental, celebratory moments this year, the quarantine bride can be spared some misery if those who love her get creative. With a few alterations to traditional wedding themes, some thoughtful gift ideas and some traditional staples, the bride-to-be can still feel special on her big day.

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