10 Most Powerful DC & Marvel Superheroes

If we’d ever have to rob a super hero game character, we’d go for the ones that DC and marvel created. Forget Batman and Superman, let’s talk about the ones that have the powers going beyond our imaginations. Of all the reign of marvel and DC, it is not an easy task to guess who have the supreme power and which of the characters might have fallen short. The energy and the super powers that they hold make them the favorite superhero game characters of all. It was hard for us to chop down to 10, but Meebily team has done it for you based on certain merits. No offense to the mighty ones that attract you.

1. Infinity from Marvel

Infinity, for us, is probably the most powerful with encompassing all the creation and ultimately representing time and space. It obtains its energy from the belongings of spatial axis and itself use the M-body to physically interact with others.

2. Apocalypse

Appeared for the first time in X-Factor, apocalypse is assumed to possess the traits of technopathy, regeneration, molecular manipulation, telepathy, super strength and invulnerability topping the chart.

3. Sentry

A result of professor’s secret formula is a superhuman that emerged before Fantastic Four. Most of the sentry’s abilities are unknown but those known are out of the world. Be it going toe to toe or flying to and from the sun in minutes, its powers are something to look forward in a superhero game.

4. Flash

As the flash itself claims, it is the fastest human alive possessing the powers of speed, superhuman agility and intangibility. The interesting aspect about the flash’s speed is that it can go back to the time.

5. DC’s Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel- Shazam is recognized by the superhero powers which include magic, flight, electro-kinesis, transformation divine empowerment and immortality in its transformed state. We bet Shazam would be influential character in your superhero game.

6. Thor

Not surprisingly, thor is the most power Asgardian alive. His abilities are not restricted to weather and electricity manipulation, he regenerates and also knows the art of taking flight without the use of Mjolner’s Hammer.

7. Hulk

This green beast which is 8 feet tall and weighs almost 14,00 pounds, gets stronger with its anger. He can break the surrounding ground while running but prefers to jump when in a lighter mood. He can breathe underwater and move in varying depths of ocean without being decomposed.

8. Galactus

The only survivor of the universe that existed prior to Big Bang. With his abilities to manipulate matter at cosmic level, galactus is nourished by consuming planets and everything that resides inside them.

9. Wonder Woman

Diana is always unique because of her special creation from clay. With the superhero powers, magic, agility and healing, she is also the owner of bracelets of Submission and Lasso of truth that enhances her wisdom 7 times.

10. Supergirl

Kara- the Supergirl was created as counterpart of Superman. Possessing the powers similar the Superman, she predominates in hand to hand combat with batman, X-ray being impulsive and prone to wild mood swings.

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