Possible Health Issues From Excessive Or Harmful Makeups

In a world that now uses Instagram pictures and Facebook posts to judge how great people look, many people now feel like they have to look their best literally all the time. The need to always be selfie-ready comes at a relatively high price, depending on how you look at it.

Women for years have been told by the makeup conglomerates, how they can instantly liven up their faces with a dash of mascara and a little foundation. Okay, while that sometimes may be true, applying cosmetic products excessively can have numerous harmful health implications of your body and skin.

Things like talcum powder can be used in very many different ways. Unfortunately, though, with all that versatility it provides you with it can also help cause some severe health complications. That’s actually why there happen to be so many talcum powder related lawsuits currently being heard. You’ll find that many of these beauty products happen to be laced with harsh chemicals that can prove to be dangerous to your body if used every day or excessively.

Let’s take a look below at the possible health issues.

1. Hormonal Imbalance

Prolonged cosmetics use can have negative impacts on your body’s endocrine system as well as interfere with your thyroid gland functions. The chemical compound Triclosan, which is very common, can be found in beauty products the likes of deodorant and acne-removal scrubs to keep them germ-free. When used regularly, the triclosan absorbed by your body accumulates and starts to affect your thyroid gland causing hormonal secretion imbalances. This could eventually lead to thyroid related issues such as depression, weight gain and headaches.

2. Cancer

Most of the chemical-based beauty products you’ll find in today’s stores contain some very lethal ingredients that have the ability to help cause cancer. The regulations at play in most regions across the globe ensure that tests are done to the ingredients used to manufacture these said products before they can be availed to the consumer. However, makeup and beauty companies only need to prove that their items won’t cause any immediate harmful results. So, when it comes to these ingredients long term effects, there’s really not much conclusive research that’s usually done. Try as much as you can and avoid items formaldehyde, phenacetin, benzene, coal tar, chromium, ethylene oxide and arsenic.

3. Infertility

Cosmetic products are directly absorbed into the skin, so there’s a high chance that these chemical components used to manufacture such products will also inevitably get sucked into the body as well. Studies conducted on rats showed that butylparaben negatively affects testosterone secretion as well as male reproductive system functions. Though it’s mostly women that are usually the consumer of such products, it is still very important to keep in mind the adverse effects this chemical component can have on one’s reproductive system. Parabens are a very common ingredient in the cosmetics industry and even those products that are labelled “natural” could still have them in it.

4. Acne

This is arguably one of the most common side effects women that apply excessive makeup products tend to experience. Your skin is a body organ just like any other you have. It also requires to both breathe as well as grow. When it gets covered with makeup, it ends up getting clogged. Some types of cosmetic products which are in liquid or cream form clog up your skin’s pores. This inevitably leads to blackhead formation, which, if not regularly cleaned can help cause the formation of acne. So, when going to bed ensure you thoroughly clean your makeup off using natural cleansers if possible.

5. Eye Infections

Eye makeup is something women all over the world tend to use extensively, even by those that generally don’t use makeup that much, or even at all. However, it’s vital you keep in mind that your eyes, as well as the skin around them, are your faces most sensitive areas. Layers of eye beauty products can damage your eyes when it sips through the corners of your eyes. This can also eventually cause irritation. Excessive amounts of eyeliner and mascara inhibit eyelash growth and can also help lead to the formation of bacteria breeding grounds.

The best way you can minimize the risk of getting negatively affected by makeup and beauty products is by trying to avoid products that contain known toxic chemical compounds. Some of the ones you should try and avoid at all costs include parabens, sodium benzoate, sodium sulphates, triclosan, potassium bromate and salicylates. You can also try going more natural from time to time. Will it really hurt that bad if you don’t put on makeup for a few days or so?

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