How to Make Yourself Stand Out to Potential Employers

Getting hired can be very stressful, especially if you are looking for a job, but don’t currently have one. Instead of trying to apply to as many job postings as possible, put more effort into the ones you want. If you need money while you look for a job a good solution is to get a minimum wage job that you can have until you acquire a career. Other solutions are to live at home or with a friend. Once you are secure you can start to apply to jobs you want. These tips will help you stand out to your potential employers:

1. Keep Your Private Life, Private

One of the biggest mistakes anyone can make is having their social media profiles public. Keep your online presence clean and professional. Search your name, and try to source all areas of the Internet where you appear. The solution to keeping your online life professional could be as simple as changing the privacy settings on your main social media. It could, however, be more difficult if you have a lot of accounts that you forgot about and now need to delete.

2. Have an Online Resume

For creatives especially, a paper resume will not convey their talents completely. That is why those who have projects or pieces to showcase should have an online portfolio website that they can use as visual proof of their talents. This is a great place that potential employers can be referred to.

3. Use Professional Quality Images

While many jobs don’t require you to submit a picture, other industries do – like acting or modelling. When you need an image to help you land your job, always opt for a professional. For everyone else, having a professional photo on accounts such as LinkedIn can make you stand out from all the rest. Use Online Profile Pros to get the headshots that you need for your application or your online profiles so that you can stand out from other applicants and get hired.

4. Follow Up

Always follow up when a potential employer contacts you, even if it’s a rejection. Following up can give you more insight, can help you network, and can even help you stand out enough so you land your dream job. Never underestimate how employers value gratitude: a thank you email goes a long way. You may not get the job this time, but you will be remembered as a great and professional candidate – and chances are high that they will recruit again soon.

5. Contact Them, First

Another way to stand out is to enquire about any positions a company may have even before they publicize them. This is a good thing to do if there is a company that you specifically want to work with. Even if they do not have any openings, you can find out when they might be hiring, tips on how to stand out from the others, and even network. By putting yourself forward you are building a relationship with a potential recruiter, and people like to see ingenuity and passion.

If you don’t get the job you want, don’t despair. There are a lot of reasons some people get hired over others, and just because you didn’t get the job doesn’t mean you are not good enough. Be persistent, and committed to each job application – you will get hired, and you will lead the life you’ve always dreamed.

Thanks to Carol Trehearn

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