INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY 2018 – Celebrating on MAR 4, 2018


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A Celebration of Women™
The World Hub for Women Leaders that Care

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On March 4, 2018 we will be once again, celebrating Internationational Women’s Day.

This year’s theme will be: “EMPOWERMENT … is an Inside Job!”

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We are also elated to announce that once again, the fabulous Claudine Pereira has graciously accepted the esteemed role of EMCEE for this wonderful Celebration Event. Visit her HERE

‘The Pink Coach’. After making the move to Canada from England, I spent 20 years in the Corporate world as a Leader, Coach and mentor leading and coaching large teams nationally.

I have always had a passion for people and genuinely care about their progression and well being.

International Women’s Day (March 8) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity.



A Celebration of Women™ – ESTEEMED SPEAKERS

A huge Shout Out to this Speaker, sharing on her MESSAGE of EMPOWERMENT: Ameera Ameerullah

Ms. Ameerullah has been in the mortgage industry since 2001. She worked tirelessly with a drive to succeed and ranked her way up setting unique benchmarks in the Canadian Mortgage and Lending industry. Ameera built several companies from ground up with the support of her dynamic and brilliant team. She is known as the “Woman Leading the Shift” – published in the Toronto Star, September 2017.

Canada Mortgage and Financial Group, her company can be reviewed HERE.

As an accredited professional of the Financial Services Commission of Ontario, Better Business Bureau and Independent Mortgage Brokers Association, Ameera specializes in property investments, asset management, real estate development, acquisitions and finance restructure. She is a property developer and entertain Joint venture opportunities on profitable real estate projects. Ameera has funded successful projects in residential and commercial real estate, hotels, mines and power plants in 3 different continents.

Her successes include significant commercial and private projects in Canada, the USA, Costa Rica, Barbados and Africa. Her expertise in acquisition, investment analysis, development and construction finance has given her an iconic mark as CMP “Top Commercial Broker” in Canada as published in Mortgage Brokers news 2016. Ameera focuses on raising capital, investment management while heading the brokering side. She manages a registered investment portfolio for self directed mortgages, a debt fund and Shariah equity fund in Canada.

Among other accolades, Ameera received the Award for “Best Alternative Lending Broker of the Year 2017” and most importantly, she has been honored with the title as “Women of Influence” in the Canadian mortgage industry.

On a personal front, Ameera is a selfless and transparent woman who is committed to STOP elder abuse, vulnerability and despair. She is a Philanthropist, Social Service Worker and Strong Advocate for Human Rights. From a young age, Ameera developed this humble side and care for the elderly and orphaned children. Her purpose is to empower, nurture and create a peaceful lifestyle for others. She is the Founder of DavidAnn Foundation for HIV Aids & Cancer, Restore Humanity and The Homeless & Orphan Foundation of Canada.

Ameera is a proud supporter and volunteer member when required of Casey House in Toronto, North York Women’s Shelter, Covenant House, Providence Healthcare, Sick Kids Hospital, Children’s Aid Society, Red Cross, International Development and Relief Foundation, and Centre of Addictions and Mental Health. Ameera believes in the empowerment of children, women, the elderly, volunteering her time to work with youths in the criminal justice system, survivors of sexual and physical abuse as well as individual suffering from addictions and mental illness.

As of 2017 – Ameera ventured into fulfilling one of her dreams where she started a Home-Care and Brain Health Day Program for the Elderly especially those living with Dementia/Alzheimers’. She is the Co-Founder of HCS Innovative Healthcare Services Inc.

This heart-centred leader does not stop! She’s currently a mentor and coach with FEMM International teaching young children and women about financial literacy and empowering them to become contributing members of society. She received the recognition for her ongoing volunteered contribution as Community Leader, Human Rights Advocate -Government of Canada.

HUGE Shout out to Dr. Catherine Newry for joining our Speaking Team of Messengers of Empowerment.

Dr. Catherine Newry is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor practicing in Toronto with a passion for helping busy professional women achieve optimal health and experience success in their lives.

Her practice focuses on supporting women with hormonal imbalances, high levels stress, and digestive complaints.

Her mission is to help her patients develop self awareness, find balance and restore health using effective natural treatments. Her goal is that her patients leave her office feeling inspired and informed to make positive changes to improve their health.

Dr. Newry offers a comprehensive health assessment. This 1.5 hour appointment includes: Review of your health concerns, Full medical review, Physical exam, and Holistic treatment recommendations.


Dr. Newry practices acupuncture using traditional Chinese theory as a gentle and effective treatment option for many conditions. It helps to stimulate the body’s own healing ability and manage pain.

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

This treatment is an effective non-surgical and non-toxic method of reducing the signs of aging. It helps to improve muscle tone and increase collagen production to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Biologics Naturopathic Clinic 3050 Yonge St. Suite 203
Toronto, Ontario M4N 2K4
(647) 714-8434 Ext 2


For the last 22 years, Medea Bavarella Chechik, M. Div., has lead her own private practice in Toronto. Medea is a Transformational Psychotherapist and Relationship Coach, as well as a Feminine Power Coach. She has facilitated trainings in The Self in Transformation, Authentic Communication, Authentic Relationships, Dance Your Spirit Free and The Creative Process. She is currently facilitating seminars and workshops in Creating Conscious Relationships, and women spirituality circles Urban Goddess.

Born to experience her highest unlimited human potential and to make the highest contribution to the world, and to inspire and guide others to do the same, Medea’s unique style has evolved naturally from her own self- transformation and spiritual development, as well as her many years of training and experience. She guides and inspires others from her inner knowing and wisdom, which has been evolving deliberately for the last 30 years. Her passionate, magnetic, powerful, yet gentle and loving presence, make her a very inspiring and powerful coach, facilitator and teacher. She combines a wise, old soul with a contemporary, awakened and youthful spirit. With passion, truth, gentleness and humour, she helps others become the empowered creators of their self and life. Medea has facilitated workshops through The Center For Addiction and Mental Health, The Canadian Training Institute as well as sponsoring them personally.

Medea’s life long quest for knowledge and wisdom, which began at an early age, led her to the study and practice of the various teachings of the world’s spiritual traditions. She has studied Advaita Vedanta, Buddhism and Meditation at The Naropa Institute in Boulder CO., Shamanism, Goddess Spirituality, and Christian Mysticism.

Medea is a:

A certified Feminine Power Coach
Peace Minister from The Seminary Of Spiritual Peacemaking in Oregon with James Twyman, where she also received a Master’s Degree
Philosophy Graduate from York University in Toronto
Certified Transformational Psychotherapist from The LifeSpace Institute Of Transformational Psychotherapy and Counseling in Toronto
Reiki Master
Certified Transpersonal Counselor from The Association For the Integration Of The Whole Person in California
Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist from The National Association Of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy
Certified Danskinetics Instructor from The In Motion Training in Massachusetts



A Celebration of Women™ – EXHIBITING SPONSORS


A Huge Shout Out to Michelle Simspon as one of our annual Exhibiting Sponsors!

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A Huge Shout Out to Kandice Doucette as one of our first Exhibiting Sponsors!

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To offer a safe place to grow and create a business at your own pace!

As a result of becoming a consultant Kandice has gained control of her health. The chronic migraines and exhaustion are gone with the help of the Good Food Real Results program. The Epicure community is spread all across Canada and it offers a wonderful place to learn and succeed.

Epicure is here to help time-starved, food-restricted and well, everyone who just wants to clean eat!

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Huge Shout out to Kelly Davis, Pampered Chef for joining our Exhibiting Sponsor Team.

Doris Christopher founded Pampered Chef in 1980, and then opened Pampered Chef Canada in 1996, with the belief that quick tips and powerful tools can fuel a faster, no-fuss cooking experience. But today, many of us don’t even have the time to sit down for an entire meal, let alone make one.

That’s why at Pampered Chef we help you press pause on life and take in the most important moments with easy, everyday cooking built for today’s world.

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VOXXLIFE is a privately held technology company devoted to drug-free wellness, optimal health and improved human performance.

The company develops innovative technologies to create wellness and performance products that allow people of all walks of life to enjoy an improved quality of life and achieve their true potential.

VOXXLIFE’s HPT, Human Performance Technology, is proprietary, exclusive and scientifically proven in independent testing.

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VOXXLIFE realizes that people of all ages and walks of life are focused on wellness and optimal performance.

Wellness consumers are looking for products that will enhance their quality of life and are asking for natural, safe solutions for more energy, pain relief and enhanced mobility.

People have traditionally relied on products such as pain killers, vitamins, supplements, OTC insoles, custom orthotics and comfortable footwear and apparel to achieve these goals. Pain killers and supplements have potentially devastating side effects, vitamins are inconsistent and expensive while OTC insoles are ineffective and custom orthotics are often unaffordable. More so, none of these products offer safe, instant and consistent results at an affordable price point.

Additionally, in the case of professional and amateur athletes, the specter of Performance Enhancing Drugs has seemingly invaded every sport at every level. Athletes want and need safe, natural and legal alternatives to achieve maximum performance. Athletes are also consuming supplements, vitamins, protein powders, compression apparel, and high performance shoes all with the aim of improving their performance. People are investing in training and coaching to reach their peak.

VOXX HPT is the safe, natural, and instant wellness and performance solution.
Lynn Milne


Shelley Jarrett is a multiple award winning Media Personality Speaker Author Mentor and Aspiring Film Producer. Shelley believes in community and giving back. She has grown her business primarily through partnerships and collaborations. Her expertise is in building relationships,networking, content marketing and social media.

Shelley has built an incredible following on social media and has helped numerous people understand how to use their gifts and talents to find purpose in their lives.

Shelley is the founder and Publisher of SMJ Magazine, an online image lifestyle and business publication, issued four times a year with limited printed additions. The free magazine APP can be downloaded on your smartphone through the apple store and google play store. Visit magazine website:

Shelley is the co-author of the bestselling book, “Transforming Lives: One Story At A Time” where she shares her story about witnessing her mother’s near death experience, in chapter 21. Overcoming fear and stretching her faith to be bold in trying new things.

Shelley is an expert in the areas of:
~ Print media
~ Women in Media
~ Image and Style consulting
~ Content creation
~ Women empowerment




A Celebration of Women™ —- TICKETS

A Celebration of Women™
The World Hub for Women Leaders that Care

RSVP on our Facebook Event Page – HERE

On March 4, 2018 we will be once again, celebrating Internationational Women’s Day.

This year’s theme will be: “EMPOWERMENT … is an Inside Job!”

EARLY BIRDS >>>> Please email all applications to participate to us at:

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