Career Options for Women Who Want to Help the Elderly

There are various career options for women that want to work in the elderly care profession. There are jobs that require experience and the completion of degrees such as geriatric nurse practitioners, to jobs that require little experience, such as a dog walker or care assistant, where you can learn on the job. While most jobs helping the elderly consist of care-giving and some physical labor, not all do and these career options may be perfect for older women who want to change career paths or for students just coming out of college. If you have a passion about helping the elderly, but aren’t sure which career path is best for you, check out this article and you’ll be sure to find the perfect career option for you!

Care Assistant Being a care assistant isn’t what you imagine. It isn’t always pushing wheelchairs and helping with personal care. Day-to-day duties can consist of getting to know your clients, finding out about their interests and needs, and carrying out general tasks such as laundry, housework and shopping. This career path is one of the most hands-on jobs that someone can do within the healthcare profession. The job offers the chance to have a real impact on the client’s life at a point in their life when they most need it. Care assistant jobs are more widely available within residential nursing homes.


The teaching profession works both for women changing their career path and women coming straight out of college, as you don’t have to be a professor to have something to offer. Adult education classes, although often taught at high schools or community colleges, don’t have to involve high school programs, as these classes can consist of almost any class imaginable. There is a high demand for teachers in writing, art, sport, finance and sewing.

Dog Walker

Dog walking is a job that requires almost no experience. This type of work can turn into regular work and will really help out your elderly clients when they no longer have the energy to walk their dog themselves. This job will also benefit your health. Dog walking for regular customers will be daily work and you may need to walk multiple dogs at a time.

Exercise Trainer

Being an exercise trainer for the elderly requires a little more experience and knowledge. For example, you can take a personal trainer exercise program, where you will also need to gain a senior fitness certification to be able to train seniors. The best exercise for seniors consist of gentler sports, such as yoga, swimming, tai-chi, dancing and walking; so if you already have experience within these areas it may be easier to apply for this career path.


This career path requires the highest level of experience and knowledge, and is possibly best for a pre-existing nurse. If you want to work with the elderly, a geriatric nurse practitioner may be perfect for you, but to follow this job path you most likely will need to go back to college and study for a geriatric nurse practitioner degree; Regis provide brilliant programs that would equip you with everything you need for the job.

Well there you have it; with this variety of career paths you’re sure to find a perfect job for you!

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