Saturn in Scorpio, Taking Responsibility for the Shadow Side


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Recently my husband and I watched one of those movies that open your mind and affect you deeply. I was struck at one point over how differently we viewed things.

This movie was about a shadow figure. This man had been designated as a scapegoat for an entire community. He looked and acted the part.

There came a point in the movie where things shifted and the collective shadow was thrown onto a young girl. It was striking because there were some strong male characters in this movie, and they’re going to blame a little girl?

The girl was a child-child, not a psychopathic child who was actually causing a problem. “You fools,” I thought, “what are you doing, pawning this off on a child?” But it was easy for the community to sacrifice her, because the little girl had no power to defend herself.

But then my husband made this a lot more interesting for me. He pointed out that the belief system at the time was that if one person in the group was doing bad things, it would bring wrath upon everyone. The wrath of God, or the wrath of Whomever depending on what time and place we are talking about.

Consequently, people kept an eye on what people in their communities were doing. If they were doing bad, they got rid of them. They had to get rid of them to get rid of the curse.

It’s very different now. We still designate people as shadow figures (think of Britney Spears during her meltdown). But we keep them around so we can stand in what we think is the light, and avoid self-examination. Consequently we get nowhere.

With Pluto (shadow) in Capricorn (responsibility) and Saturn in Scorpio repeating the theme, it’s going to be almost impossible to advance without Taking Responsibility for the Shadow Side of your nature.

If you’re not sure how to do that, the transcript of my workshop on Saturn in Scorpio can jump start your progress, big time. This makes a lot more sense than blaming a child (or anyone else) for the problems you’re having.

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