WOMAN of ACTION – Sandra Stapley

A Celebration of Women

is excited to Celebrate the Life of this Crusader in our Society. The Courage and Conviction of this Women has taken her back to school at the age of 52, to study Law, so to work in the field that can create change in our World.

One of her ‘Pet Peeves’ is the lack of Integrity in some of the Government & Politics, in general, around our World. She is on a Mission to contribute to Positive Change and motivate others to Take Action in their own Communities, as well.

This Woman, saying ” I am not getting older, I am getting better.”… is ready to ROAR!


Sandra Stapley

My Childhood may have something to do with the where I am at now…

I have seen how twisted the Law has been from Childhood….

Injustice upon Injustice.

Especially as a teenager, watching how police officials would not help my dad when he needed to get back a vehicle that his bookkeeper stolen from my dad, by forging my dad’s name to the title and allowing this guy to get away with stealing over $80,000 from my dad, by forging my dad’s name to my dad’s checks.

As for my 20’s, I was with my first husband and did not think much about things except raising my 3 children at the time.

In my middle 20’s I remember the military allowing my X-husband to take everything and leave our children and I with nothing. My X was in the US Marine Corp, he sent our children to my parents and would not give us a dime to live on. * That is another story and I am not hip on the military when it comes to the families.

What is my Vision of Women’s Rights.

I think men and women are all created equal and need to share the same qualities, when it comes to any form of life and the pursuit of happiness.

Grant it, there are things that men can do that women may not be able to do, when it comes to strength physically. Men and Women, both have a thinking capibility that can be very equal to each other.

How do I believe I can bring about Positive Changes in the World…

By using what I am learning in College,
attending Flathead Valley Community College, Law and….

putting things into prespective from the past and present history, to make a better future, one with lasting truth and with less laws that aren’t twisted and corrupt.

“My Passion that gives me this Drive…

Is a Vision of seeing the Smiles and Happiness in everyone’s eyes and faces, one caused from a relief that has been long over due for all of us….

Integrity & Justice for All!

Seeing a Glow that will never leave the eyes and faces of all the people who have been under such corruptness come to ahead Once and For All.

“And a Knowing that I can make that difference happen,

keeps Me Going.”

My Primary Mission in Life:

Is to contribute to the elimination of any and all Corrupt Government in the USA and abroad, forcing a Truth that sticks and tears the DISHONEST Governments down to nothing. Exposing all Truth about them in every area, their twisted stories to their hidden deepest darkest secrets, and to find a way that will be able to stop them in enacting anymore Laws that protect themselves from the things they do or have done; and to find a way to tear down the Laws, that need to be desolved.

A Celebration of Women agrees that perhaps there is a long way to go in our World to achieve Justice for All….and, Our suggestion is that more Women Take Action, get into Politics and be Counted…………Sandra, You just may be a Pioneer that will motivate the Women of our World to stand tall and say; ‘NO MORE!’

A Celebration of Women

is amazed at the Energy and

is Speechless at the Goals of this Revolutionary.

This Woman is on fire!

God Bless Your Mission for Humanity, Sandra.

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