Ethiopia Maternal Health during ‘worst drought’ in History

  Ethiopia WORST DROUGHT IN HISTORY   GODE, Ethiopia, September 2011 - For Halimo Faliid, 70, the arrival of baby Higad Mahad was bittersweet. In gaining a grandson she lost her daughter, a family tragedy that is still too common in the Horn of Africa, where the current drought is adding to the hardships of women and children. Halimo said that her daughter had given birth in their small village of Dhadafe in this dust filled and parched part of Ethiopia near the … [Read more...]

KENYA-SOMALIA: Breaking with tradition on reproductive health

WOMEN'S MATERNAL HEALTH DADAAB, September 2011 (IRIN) - Most Somali women fleeing to northeastern Kenya's Dadaab in northeastern Kenya have never visited an antenatal clinic, let alone given birth in a hospital. "When I see an expectant mother or one with a small child, I ask them whether they have gone to the hospital. If they haven't, I refer them there," Miriam Ade, a community health worker in Dadaab's Ifo camp, told IRIN. "Many of these women have lived here but … [Read more...]

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