Why Do People Vape Weed?

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Cannabis consumption using vaping technology has become increasingly popular over the past decade, and it can be vaped in different forms, such as oils and dry herbs. Although more research is needed to prove the advantages of this method of consumption, many people vouch for the benefits of vaping cannabis. As with a standard vaping device, a cannabis vaporizer heats up the product to a specific temperature to create a vapor. This vapor is then inhaled via the vaping device. Here are a few reasons why people choose to vape cannabis.

Modern Method of Cannabis Consumption

Although the original cannabis vape device was patented in Germany in 1999, cannabis vaporizers have only risen in popularity in recent years. Despite this recent surge, the vaporizer market is now estimated to be worth billions. These vaping devices are designed to heat cannabis to a specific temperature, so it doesn’t burn. Heating the dried herbs to specific temperatures can help the user achieve a particular, desired experience. Weed vape store, nectarmedicalvapes.com, offers a selection of vaporizers and accessories to help people vape using a device made out of high-quality materials.

More Control Over the Experience

As mentioned above, cannabis needs to be heated to a certain temperature to turn it into vapor. In addition to this, vaporizers give users the opportunity to adjust the heat settings to their own taste. In turn, more control over the temperature offers users more control over their experience. By spending a bit of time getting to know their vaping device, people can figure out how to create different types of experiences, such as a mellow lift in mood or an intense experience.

Different Types of Effects

Those who enjoy vaping cannabis attest to the positive effects that can be felt after and during use. While everyone’s experience is different, many claim that consuming cannabis using a vaporizer doesn’t give them the same sensation as consumption via traditional methods. Instead, vaping can help the user to feel more alert and active.


When vaping cannabis, people just need the product and a dry herb vaping device. The device is made up of a battery, a chamber for the product, and a mouthpiece for inhalation. Once a vaporizer is charged using an electrical power source, the product can be placed in the chamber and heated up to the desired temperature.

Vaping is Efficient and Cost-Effective

Dry herb vaporizers allow you to reuse your product even after you have finished vaping the herbs. As mentioned above, to vape cannabis, one must insert dry herbs into the chamber and heat it to the desired temperature. Once the herbs are fully vaporized and become unusable, they will turn a dark brown color. At this point, this used product, referred to as already vaped buds (AVB), can be removed and replaced with fresh herbs. In turn, the AVBs can be reused in a surprising amount of ways, some of the most popular being edibles, part of seasonings, or even infused in tea blends.

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