Six Reasons to Choose a Destination Wedding

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Weddings are very personal to each couple, which is as they should be. No one wants their special day to be forgettable, which is why so much time is devoted to ensuring every element of the occasion is right. There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to weddings and picking an original location, theme or style is important to people planning their big day. Many couples are now combining their wedding day with a holiday by opting for a destination wedding and this is an attractive option. Here are six reasons why the destination wedding is here to stay.

A Memorable Occasion

There’s no denying that destination weddings can be particularly memorable not only for the happy couple but also for their guests. Whether traveling overseas or closer to home, picking a location worthy of a fairy-tale romance will ensure your wedding day lasts long in the memory. Destination weddings also give you the opportunity to be creative and have a unique experience.

Extend the Celebration

With destination weddings usually combined with a vacation for the happy couple and wedding guests alike, it’s no surprise that destination weddings are a popular choice for those who want to extend their celebrations. The party can start the minute you embark on the journey and continue until you return, whether that’s through delicious meals out, dancing the night away or spending time soaking up the sun at a beach resort. A perfect way to start married life!

A Smaller, More Intimate Gathering

It is easy to get carried away when planning a wedding and if you want a small, personal ceremony there are additional pressures. Weddings close to home can lead to the expectation that everyone from distant cousins to work colleagues are invited, leading to strained relationships and additional expense. With a destination wedding, it is easier to limit the number of guests, if that is what you want.

Whether you choose to elope and have a ceremony for just you and your partner, celebrate with your nearest and dearest or have the wedding as the culmination of your bachelor and bachelorette party is up to you, but a small, intimate gathering with those you care about the most is one of the reasons why destination weddings continue to grow in popularity. Share your day with people you love rather than mere acquaintances and you will be able to relax more knowing there is no one to impress.

Less Organization Involved

For some, planning a wedding is a joy. Those who love organization thrive on endless to-do lists and constant phone calls, but if it all seems a bit overwhelming, part of the appeal of a destination wedding is how it gives the option of outsourcing the arrangements. Working with an expert in destination wedding coordination means you can relax so the build-up to the occasion can be enjoyed. Rather than worrying about wedding favors or buttonholes, you can leave the organization in the capable hands of your experienced wedding coordinator and soak up every moment of this special time.

Dreamy Photo Backdrops

Whether you are getting married in the mountains or barefoot on a beach, a destination wedding will provide you with photographs to treasure for years to come. If you are getting married somewhere you are familiar with, you may well have ideas of backdrops for your photos. This could be a magnificent castle or a favorite coastal cove. If you are using your destination wedding as an opportunity to discover new places, contact the person in charge of your wedding destination coordination and ask for their recommendations. By working closely with photographers who know the region, they’ll be able to suggest stunning backdrops to ensure your photographs capture the magic of the occasion.

Value for Money Some people assume destination weddings are the expensive option, but with the average American wedding costing over $22,000 in 2021, traveling for your wedding can offer considerable savings. With a destination wedding you can easily forgo aspects of the day that are traditionally costly. The wedding breakfast and reception after-party is one such example – a destination wedding can have all the elements you want and often at a fraction of the price.

Remember to savor every moment of your special occasion, spend quality time with your spouse and loved ones and document the event to look back at fondly in the future. A destination wedding really is the ideal way to start the adventure that is married life!

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