Ideas For Making A Corporate Gift Basket

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When it comes to the holiday season or a special event for one of your business partners, you can look to cement stronger business relationships with a gift basket.

Studies have found that when it comes to giving corporate gifts, 48% of the respondents feel that this can be beneficial in building better and stronger relationships between companies, their staff, and their customers. The recipient feels appreciated after all, and if your gift giving to your staff, this can lead to better staff retention long term.

So, when it comes to giving a corporate gift basket, what are some of the basic types of baskets you can give? Read on to find out!

Business To Business Basket

A business-based corporate gift basket is one of the most common options that are given out. For example, if you are a business that makes find cheeses, then giving a gift basket to your clients and business partners that is based around the cheeses that you can offer will not only grow your brand but also add a personal touch to the gift-giving process.

If you still want to gift cheeses and other snack-based things that are not in your repertoire, then there are options online that you don’t have to put so much thought into, and these gift baskets for your corporate clients will undoubtedly make a large impression. You can even have your company name put on them!

Healthy Basket

There are now many companies who are looking to improve the health of their staff by having healthy vending machines put in and reducing sugary snacks in the workplace. If you are one of them, then you can send a corporate gift basket full of healthy foods. Some online companies specializing in this even allow you to send fruit baskets in lieu of the traditional meat or snack basket. This can send a message that you care about your business partner’s health and that you take the health of your staff seriously, which will ultimately make a good impression.

Alcohol Basket

If you are allowed to, as some businesses do not allow the gifting of alcohol, you can gift your business partners with an alcohol basket. One that is based around wines, champagnes, or whiskey is traditional. If you are looking to impress, aim for the higher-tier options but in most instances, mid-tier alcoholic beverages are considered acceptable.

Snack Basket

Snack baskets are also becoming more common, but as mentioned before, they have become somewhat healthier in recent times. Now you can get dark chocolates, dried fruits, salted peanuts, and even gluten-free savory bits to put into your corporate snack basket, which will be all-inclusive too.

Gourmet Basket

This is a bit of a no-brainer if you are a higher-end business, but sending out a gourmet basket will make an impression on those who receive it. You can have one that has a selection of high-end sweet treats to enjoy, or even those that may include cheeses and tinned caviar if you want to impress your business partners. Just make sure that the amount spent on this basket is appropriate for your relationship with the recipient, and also, consider the number of things that are pertained within the basket and your relationship with the company receiving it.

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