Ways Women Make Money During COVID-19

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Making money was hard enough before the pandemic, but many women have found their finances devastated and their careers lost or halted because of COVID-19. Indeed, the pandemic was especially hard on working women, many of them lost their jobs or had to return home to care for children as schools and daycare centers closed down.

If you need money to pay for bills in the wake of your lost job, don’t lose hope. A Celebration of Women™ is here to detail some of the ways in which women just like you can make money during the pandemic and even beyond!

Return to School for a Lucrative Degree

In many cases, you need to spend money to make money. What better way to spend money wisely than to go back to school and finish or acquire a degree during the pandemic lull? Online, affordable degrees in business or other subjects will allow you to sharpen your business skills or acquire extra credentials that can maximize your profits or give you the tools you need to succeed in entrepreneurship.

Start a Business!

You may also make money during the pandemic and even after it fully fades away if you start your own business. And with ZenBusiness starting a new business is easy. In fact, this could be the best way to take advantage of the challenges COVID has thrown your way.

Starting a business means you can:

● Be your own boss
● Do whatever you like
● Make or sell whatever you please

These are major advantages! Plus, it’s easier than ever to run your own business thanks to the plethora of online tools and marketing guides available. That’s a good thing, too, since marketing is highly important for any successful online business. You should consider pairing with a web or graphic designer to create a great online business and market your entrepreneurial venture successfully.

If you send graphics back and forth, use JPG files and compress the graphical information to make emailing ideas back and forth smoother. Just also be sure to use a JPG-to-PDF converter so image quality isn’t lost in translation!

As great as online marketing is, don’t forget to have something tangible, as well. For instance, you could also use a free business card design program to design a snazzy business card to represent your company, then include them with every order, as well as leaving them around town to reach a bigger pool of prospective customers.

You can also improve the profitability of your business by forming the right business structure. LLCs are unique, flexible, and tax-advantageous business structures you should choose if you decide to begin a

small business from home. Check your state’s rules on LLC formation to make sure you have all your bases covered, though.

Pursue Passive Income

Passive income streams are also ideal for working mothers or women who had to return home from the workforce due to the pandemic. Passive income streams may take a little effort to get started, but then reward you with constant income over time. Some ideas include starting a blog network, then selling ad space, using affiliate marketing to get a commission on sold products, or teaching online courses if you have desirable skills.

Do Side-Jobs for Side Cash You can also pursue side hustles, which are short-term jobs that are easy to jump in and out of. They’re great for making a quick buck when bills are coming up, and many of them can be done online.

You can start by using a resume builder to freshen up your resume, then apply. Need ideas?

Consider these:

● Working as a freelancer
● Starting a podcast
● Working as a delivery driver (which isn’t entirely online, admittedly)
● Answering surveys for small fees
● Working as a digital assistant

Drop-shipping on Amazon

Amazon also allows those with an entrepreneurial spirit to make money online through drop-shipping. With drop-shipping, you’ll sell products made by separate manufacturers to consumers, acting as a middleman to make things convenient for both parties.

Making Money is Achievable

At the end of the day, women can still make money throughout the pandemic and reclaim their lost finances. If you need to make money online because you can’t return to work or leave the home, try one or all of these ideas and watch the dough roll in!

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