How to Beat Casino Slots: Cheat vs Strategy

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Slot machines were invented in the 1800’s and since then players have been trying to figure out ways to beat these no deposit spins casino slots. Casino slots are designed to make money. The chances are that most of the time playing you will lose instead of win. This is something to remind yourself before playing to avoid frustration.

Beating the odds is an exciting idea for people who think they have what it takes, and many great mathematicians and scientists have tried their best to do so. There have been inventions and theories that attempt to find ways to get the win instead of just playing regularly. Below, we will go into detail about the ways you can beat casino slots.

Ways to Cheat on Casino Slots

When it comes to online slot games it is completely impossible to cheat. However, with the machines themselves, there are several ways to beat the system. Although, we do not support cheating, and people caught preforming these techniques will be punished accordingly, the information here is intended to give you an understanding on how it works.

There is two different ways you can cheat on casino slots using coins. The first are ‘fake coins’, coins that simply resemble currency but do not hold any actual value. Secondly, there are ‘yoyo coins’ a coin with a string attached that withdraws itself and can be used again in the machine.

Using Strategy to Beat Casino Slots

If you are the type of person who believes they have the brainpower to win the game ethically, here is some great advice. We suggest playing the games with the highest percentage of money back, so that you have the best odds of winning. Also, many casino’s come with a welcome bonus, so you can ensure you use this to make the most of the money you have to play with.

Casino slots are games that do not require much strategy to play, therefore, if you are thinking of using tactics to beat a game you might be better off elsewhere. Casino games such as Roulette, Blackjack and Craps are some of our suggestions. In these games you have some options that will let you increase your chances of a win.

Final thoughts on beating casino slots: Cheat vs Strategy

It is never advisable to cheat on a casino game to win. This is illegal and will result in bans, fines and other punishments as well as decrease your reputation as a player. This is not something you want if you are looking to start a gambling career and our best advice is to use strategy to overcome the odds and win big time!

Although casino slots are hard to beat using strategy it would be amazing to see someone come up with an algorism that would increase their chances of winning. Mathematics would come into play largely here, involving the amount spent and time playing. Good luck to casino slot players out there and we hope you get the win you are looking for!

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