The Stigma Around Women and Weed

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In recent years, women in the cannabis industry have faced various stigmas. According to research, the cannabis industry has grown rapidly, with women holding a high spending power. Despite the stigma around female weed users, more women embrace this herb. The stigma around marijuana has been significantly lessened because there has been a change in focus on stigmas surrounding alcohol instead. Several stigmas exist around women and weed.

Poor School Performance

A recent meta-analysis on marijuana and academic achievement shows a disparity between different genders when it comes to their performance in school. It is said that girls tend to do worse in school than boys. However, the meta-analysis shows that the difference may be due to other factors than weed use, such as poverty. Further, it shows that girls do better in school than boys when they smoke pot.

Brain Damage

The idea that marijuana somehow damages the cells in our brains is false. It has never been proven to be the case. A study shows that weed may act as a buffer for things like alcohol and cigarettes regarding the risks of brain damage. The same study found that people who smoked pot and cigarettes had the same risk of brain damage as those who smoked just cigarettes.


The idea that women should avoid smoking weed because it will make them not be seen as suitable marriage partners is twisted and wrong. If a man wants to marry you, they will see past your weed habits whether you smoke daily or just on the weekends. Smoking weed does not mean you are a terrible person. It simply just means you fancy weed smoking.

Increased Violence

Saying that women are more violent when they smoke pot is false. The only actual increase in aggression comes from alcohol, not marijuana. Weed has never been proven to cause violence in anyone. It is widely used to treat PTSD, leading to violent behavior.

Menstruation and Weed

The idea that weed will make it difficult for women to ovulate and it causes decreased fertility is not valid. Weed may be a fantastic aid in treating painful periods, premenstrual syndrome, and even endometriosis.

According to Substance Market, a dispensary in Bend, Oregon, “One of the oldest medical documents ever discovered – the Ebers Papyri from ancient Egypt – described a practice in which ground cannabis was mixed with honey and applied vaginally to ‘cool the uterus.’”

Marijuana and Cancer

Many people have concluded that smoking weed can lead to cancer, which is incorrect. Weed is a very effective treatment for people who have difficulty with the side effects of cancer treatments such as chemotherapy. Some of the weed derivatives are being used to supplement these treatments. The reason was that they could not be absorbed by mouth so that the patient would not hurt themselves when using the medicine.

Marijuana and Suicide

Society has this idea that smoking weed will make you more likely to consider suicide. Well, this is not the case. Research shows that people who smoke marijuana are less likely to attempt suicide than those who do not smoke it. People who use alcohol and marijuana are the least likely to attempt suicide.

Will Legalization End the Stigma for Female Cannabis Users?

There has already been a shift in terms of how alcohol is viewed. Rather than being seen as bad or evil, it is now seen as something that can be enjoyed responsibly. The concerns and fears around weed are relatively new due to its illegality, and over time, there is hope that the negative stereotypes about women who smoke weed will subside.

Another positive thing about weed legalization is that there will be better access to information about cannabis use for both men and women. When there is more education around marijuana use, you can expect more understanding from both genders.

The stigma around weed has shifted because of the negative stigmas around alcohol. The marijuana industry hopes that the shift will be positive for everyone, allowing women to embrace this herb without fear of judgment and will help loosen the grip that alcoholism has on society.

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