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Hundreds of girls and women are raped and forced into motherhood every year in Honduras, while being denied fundamental rights, like emergency contraception. Although the first ever female president can change this with just one signature, she’s under heavy pressure to give up! Join the global call to let her know we have her back and expect her to deliver on women’s rights!

Honduras, one of the deadliest countries in the world, is a nightmare for women. 12-year-old girls are forced to keep rape pregnancies, while hundreds of women are abused each year. But things could be about to change.

The first-ever female president, Xiomara Castro, just took office and could be only one signature away from revoking a horrendous ban on emergency contraceptives — a ban that has trapped desperate women, including survivors of rape, into unwanted and dangerous pregnancies.

Honduras is the only country in Latin America that bans the morning-after pill — but the president has promised to legalize it, and all she needs is massive public support to make the call. She is under heavy pressure, so let’s empower her to deliver on women’s rights.

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Share the campaign with your friends and family, and help us get to 1 million before International Women’s Day on March 8!

President Xiomara Castro does not see this coming – let’s show her we have her back and expect her to lead a new era for girls and women in Honduras.

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