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Roulette is one of the all-time most loved casino games at www.freebet.casino. Thought to have been created in 18th century France, roulette has entertained many players in its time. It is the ultimate game of chance that will test your intuition to the fullest.

The game is very simple: the roulette wheel is divided into equal-sized sections that represent different numbers. The wheel is spun one way and a ball is launched the opposite way. As the ball loses velocity it will inevitably land on one of the sections thus announcing the winning bet.

However, not every roulette game is the same. There are several different variants that are popular in different parts of the world. In this article, the most profitable roulette versions are revealed.

European Roulette

The British are avid fans of the European type of roulette. First introduced in France, the European Roulette wheel has the usual 1 to 36 numbers in black and white as well as a single “0” pocket (neither red nor black). This type of roulette has good payouts with the highest one being 35:1 when betting on a single number!

This is a very versatile game with a lot of different bets and freedom to experiment. Online casinos offer a range of European Roulette games such as an Immersive one (close-ups and slow-motion footage follow the game closely), Speed Roulette (fast paced) and more.

European Roulette is chosen by many players across the world. It is a more player-friendly variation than the American Roulette which has an additional “00” pocket and decreased chances of winning.

Mini Roulette

Mini Roulette is becoming increasingly rare in online and land-based casinos. Nevertheless, it is still possible to play this variation which has some advantages over other types of roulette.

As the name suggests, mini roulette has a smaller wheel and fewer bets than the usual European Roulette. Consisting of numbers 1 to 12 and the “0” pocket, mini roulette players have a higher chance of placing a successful single number bet. However, the odds for all the other bets are not affected.

The payouts of some bets are decreased in line with the higher odds of winning. However, players love this type of roulette which can bring you more wins on average. In very simple terms, more wins make for a better game!

Double Ball Roulette

Rarely seen in casinos, this type of roulette provides a doubled chance of winning! The game is self-explanatory: it is standard roulette (European or American) that is played with two balls instead of one. Naturally, the chance to win increases due to the additional winning outcomes that come with the second ball.

The odds are adjusted in a way that doesn’t punish the player. Once again, the increased chance of winning means that the Double Ball Roulette is less risky and more entertaining.

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