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We all have those little quips that you can bring out at any party to wow people and get them laughing. Maybe you tell people that Buzz Aldrin’s mother’s maiden name was ‘Moon’, or that the word ‘Pokémon’ is actually just short for ‘pocket monster’, or maybe you tell people that the collective noun for a group of owl is a ‘parliament’.

If you did not know any of those facts, then you can have them for free on us! When it comes to gambling, however, there is no stronger association than to Ireland because of the plethora of Irish-themed online slot games at that have meadows and Leprechauns and all the like.

We are here to clue you in to the hottest gambling fun facts that are linked to Ireland so that you can dazzle people at the party!

What are the Best Fun Gambling Facts Linked to Ireland?

If you have tried your hand at any online casino slot game then you have undoubtedly come across a few of these gambling fun facts that are linked to Ireland.

Anyway, you want to get into the good stuff, so, here are our favorite fun facts about gambling in relation to Ireland:

1. The Leprechaun is actually Italian – We often link the Leprechaun with Ireland both through folklore and, of course, gambling games. But, we are sorry to disappoint you because the Leprechaun is a mythical figure that originated a very long time ago in ancient Rome!
2. The first gambling laws in Ireland were introduced in 1926 – Following the Irish independence, a wave of new rules and regulations came into place that set about the first laws for gambling in Ireland. Prior to this year, the country’s gambling regulations were askew and more like the wild west!
3. Irish gambling is on the rise – We are sorry to dampen the mood with a not-so-fun fact about Ireland and gambling. However, it is important to know that gambling in Ireland has increased by around 50% just in the last five years. Whilst that seems like a long period of time, the increase is dramatic and pandemic. The targeted demographic is mainly young men (18-35) and could be put down to a number of reasons including poverty.
While it is always fun to whip out fun gambling facts about Ireland at a party and wow your audience, maybe do not tell them about all of these unless you want to level the mood.


You can always rely on a fun fact to lift the mood of any party, especially if they are about gambling linked to Ireland!
Who would have thought that Leprechauns did not originate from the land of the green grass but instead that they came from ancient Rome, and isn’t it fun to think about the times before gambling regulations as you were a cowboy out in the West!

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