3 Exterior Renos to Give Your Home a Much-Needed Makeover

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house with new green roof and new windows

How long have you been dreaming about giving your home a makeover? After all, you go to the salon regularly to have your hair and nails done and you are thinking, doesn’t this family home deserve the same respect? It has served you well for many years and now it’s time to give it a bit of extra TLC.

Maybe you want to list it for sale, and maybe you just want to enjoy pulling into the driveway to be greeted by the home of your dreams. Either way, there are a few exterior renovations you could undergo to give it a whole new and totally refreshed look.

1. Begin with Your Home’s Eyes

Many architects and designers refer to your home’s windows as the eyes of your home. Just as people are likely to get that all-important first impression from your eyes, so too do your windows have a way of expressing who you are. If you have an older or listed home, your windows are probably timber casement windows.

Over time and environmental wear, the frames can become chipped, cracked, and even buckled. Whether you are looking to restore your home to its former glory or are trying to give a newer home an older appeal, timber framed windows offer that feature. Bespoke services that you can find at the following link can do either: https://www.timbawood.co.uk/our-windows/timber-casement-windows/. If your windows are standard sizes, there is probably a timber casement that would fit nicely.

2. A Whole New Roof

Quite often you will find that your current roof does nothing for you. Yes, it’s still serviceable and you haven’t spotted more than a drip or two from leaks, but that isn’t the issue you are now faced with. You are tired of that worn, old appearance and would like to give your home a new hat. In the same way as your windows are the eyes of your home, so too is your roof the ‘head’ of your home. What did ladies do in days gone by when they were depressed or overly anxious? You’ve got it, haven’t you!

They went out and bought a new hat or had their hair colored to give them a new look and perspective on life. A new roof covered with different tiles or shingles can accomplish much the same thing.

3. Buy Your Home a New Dress

Finally, we’ve come to the way in which your home is dressed. Don’t you usually get a new outfit every now and then, even if it’s only because you want something lovely? You may not need a new dress for an important event, but you want one simply because you like the way it fits and looks on you. This is what giving your home new siding can do for it. Not only can it clean it up a bit, but you can literally change the character of your home by giving it a new dress. That would be new siding, perhaps in a different material or color.

Sometimes these three things are all it takes to give your home the makeover it deserves.

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