How to Play 1p Slot Machines Online

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Online slot machines are a great way to spend a relaxing evening, but what if you’re a bit skint – surely the fun shouldn’t stop right there? We absolutely agree, and therefore we usually turn to 1p free slot games when times are tough.

You might be wondering where and how you can play 1p slot machines online, so read on to find out more – we’ll be taking a look at:
– How to find 1p slot machines online
– The varying payline wagers of penny slots
– Our top three favorite penny slots

How to Play Penny Slots

Firstly, let’s investigate how you can play 1p slot machines online. If you’re already familiar with online slots, this will be easy for you – you’ll have to sign up as normal. You’ll then have to make a deposit, and you’ll be ready to start betting.

Penny slots are generally defined by slots that have a minimum bet of £0.01, meaning that you can literally try your luck at turning a penny into a pound. However, bear in mind that the vast majority of 1p slots do not have that as the only option.

This will be the wager if you are betting on a single payline, but games will allow you to increase that to the maximum paylines (perhaps 15 or 20). So, if you’re looking for an authentic penny slot experience, don’t forget to change that payline counter to the minimum! Other than this, the experience will be almost identical to traditional slots – simply make your bet, choose your paylines, hit that spin button and see if you can hit the jackpot!

Where to Find 1p Slot Machines Online

These days, 1p slot machines can be found on just about any online casino site. Simply search your favorite website for ‘penny slot’ or search for an online comparison table to find the best welcome bonuses.

Regardless, you won’t have too much trouble finding them – they’re becoming more popular than ever.

However, if you’re still stuck, you might want to consider trying some of our personal favorites. We’ve curated this selection just for penny slot fans just like you, so we really hope that our hard work will pay off.

Our favorite three 1p slot machines to play today are:

– Book of Dead by Play’N Go
– Ghost Pirates by NetEnt
– Cops ‘n’ Robbers by Play’N Go

All three of these games are a ton of fun and are developed by some of the best slot companies out there, but finding a site that hosts Play’N Go slots could be a great starting point. They’ve pioneered the 1p slots online industry for years, and they show no signs of slowing down. Get on it!

The Verdict

Overall, penny slots are a great choice if you’re a slot fan on a budget, and even if you have cash to splash, it can be a great experience turning 1p into £1! Whether you choose one of our recommendations or search for your own, don’t forget to minimize to a single payline to get the authentic 1p betting experience. Good luck!

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