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A Social Approach to a Fact Oriented Field

In 2017, Women in STEM was founded at the University of Chicago Lab Schools as a mechanism to bridge the gap between social justice and academic fields. Recognizing the issue was the foundation for our work that followed. Translating discussion and theory to concrete action and passionate activism ultimately became the primary focus of our organization in the forms of various initiatives.

Since March of 2017, we have been developing dually-driven approaches in which we tackle both the attitudes surrounding women in STEM and also the limited opportunities available in high school, especially for girls. We support on several programs, including facilitating constructive discussions, bringing in guest speakers, and partnering with universities to match high school students with college students in a mentorship program.

In order to guide us in the process, we received invaluable advice from countless sources, of all genders in several fields, to assist us in creating an effective, efficient, and comprehensive program. We received access to quantitative research, analyzed it, and developed our initiatives based on the statistics.

WiSTEM is excited to drive our progress forward using these tactics and increased collaboration. ~ Ananya Asthana, Founder + Executive Director

The gender disparity in STEM fields has been widely recognized, but few initiatives have been established at a younger age when girls decide what they want to pursue. We aim to empower and inspire girls through offering a variety of opportunities at the high school level. We hope that through this program, not only will there be an increased awareness of women’s potential, but also that girls will be able to recognize their own.

The Women in STEM Club Mission:

1. Provide a supportive environment for women working towards academic goals in a STEM program.
2. Provide active resources to members in order to help with academic interests in STEM fields and programs.
3. Hold events in the club’s name to bring awareness to different STEM fields.

Why are non-female students allowed to be in Women in STEM?

The Club’s mission is to provide a supportive environment for girls/women interested in the STEM fields.

CLASSROOM of young students learning stemIn order to be successful in that goal, women need non-female allies in the STEM fields as well.

By inviting all genders and backgrounds into our club, we hope to provide an inclusive and positive environment where those interested in STEM can be treated equally and help empower each other to succeed.

Our Chapters

Get involved today, and start a chapter at your high school! It doesn’t matter whether you already have a women in STEM club at your school or if you want to start something new!

All chapters are encouraged to participate in general programming, spearhead their own initiatives, and assist WiSTEM in our goal of equality and representation in STEM fields through concrete action. Our chapters and their driven ambassadors lie at the heart of our success.

Become a Mentor

In an effort to increase female representation in science, we match our high school members with college student and professional Women in STEM mentors.

They are able to focus on questions and assistance that the high schooler has in terms of college and career advice, school advice, and being a woman in STEM!

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