Women of the New Millennium – Collecting and Strengthening

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woman laying naked on teal blanket surrounded by and angel below and devil above

Jurado’s other murals are more esoteric and whimsical. Here a nude female takes a break from strumming her guitar while she listens to an angel playing a horn and a devil the flute. To me, these two little figures represent the dualism that threads through Mexican philosophy and art going back thousands of years back deep into pre-hispanic times.

In this view, everything has its opposite: day and night, light and dark, good and bad, etc. One cannot exist without the other and they define each other. In this mural, they are in balance, but the question is: to whom does the woman listen most?

Women of the New Millennium are the strongest, most courageous women in the world. Their stories are their own, created by their actions that encourage change in their everyday lives. Their power comes from their ability to thrive and not surrender to the imbalances that were imposed upon them during their journeys.

  • What are the qualities of this type of woman?
  • How can we recognize this woman when we meet her?
  • What will she look like, sound like, feel like?

They are not independently wealthy, nor are they movie stars or elected officials, yet they are the most populated and important demographic in society. They are the heart of our society; these women are creating, supporting, and setting an example for the next generation of independently strong women and men.

“We are all citizens of one world, and we must take shared responsibility for its future.”
– John Browne, Addressing Global Climate Change, 1997

Chronologically, mankind is entering a New Millennium.

Astrologically, this new era is called the Age of Aquarius. Astrological millenniums last approximately 2,000 years each.

Currently, we are in a “Great Cusp,” which is an extended period of turbulence that exists whenever severe astrological aspects are in flux, as during a millennial change. Most of us are familiar with the concept of a Sun sign cusp, which occurs when a person is born while the planetary aspects are transitioning to another astrological sign (e.g.: a person born on September 23rd is on the cusp between the two Sun signs Virgo and Libra). In such a case, the person may exhibit traits and be subject to planetary influences of two different astrological signs.

PiscesAquarius1Similarly, whenever our planet undergoes a millennial change, humanity experiences a Great Cusp that can last for up to 100 years.

This is a highly vibrational time, as mankind is thrust – willingly or not – into a new phase of spiritual consciousness. It is a birthing process and is part of the life-death-life cycle. Thus, planet Earth and its inhabitants are feeling the effects of being “born again” into the Age of Aquarius.

However, because there are so many confused souls who are fighting this change, the birth is now breech.

The good news is that the Great Cusp is almost over.

The bad news is that we may not survive this period of turbulence unless we collectively start to embrace the paradigm shift.

The Oracle Institute is dedicated to assisting mankind through this period of flux and guiding lost souls toward the Light, which will be much more comprehensible and visible once mankind passes into the Fifth Spiritual Paradigm.

The reason that the Great Cusp has lingered into the 21st Century is because of polarization, which results from the tensions created between the age which is ending and the new age that is beginning. Rather than accepting the new energies, confused souls try to thwart the birthing process and unwittingly attempt to abort the wondrous new age. To help illustrate the concept of polarization, let us examine some of the differences between the Age of Pisces, the outgoing age, and the newly forming Age of Aquarius.

Jesus was born at the start of the Age of Pisces and he ignited that millennial shift into the Fourth Spiritual Paradigm. Thus, our last Great Cusp occurred between roughly 50 B.C.E. and 50 C.E., which was another period of intense spiritual vibration.

The astrological sign Pisces is represented by two fish that are swimming in opposite directions. This symbol connotes opposite forces which create duality in the Universe. In terms of spirituality, duality is the theory that mankind and God are not intrinsically connected, and that the Supreme Being is removed from us, exalted over us, and beyond the breadth of our understanding. In other words, a religion based on duality assumes that mankind is subservient to and separated from the primordial Source.

The early Christians held fast to their Jewish heritage and interpreted Jesus’ lessons as: (i) branding mankind innately sinful; (ii) placing mankind outside the heavenly realm absent Salvation; and (iii) forever stigmatizing mankind as inferior to God.

In this way, duality caused mankind to believe that we are separated from God and Heaven. Thus, Christianity and Islam, which are both Piscean religious institutions, view God as desiring supplication and worship, and they view Heaven as a reward for blind faith in God or, in the case of Christians, the deified Prophet Jesus.

It also should come as no surprise that the Christian symbol for Jesus is the fish.

Pisces‘Piscean duality’ also led humanity to separate into various man-made castes or classes. For example, the nobility dominated and exploited the serfs, the priestly caste dictated to and spirituality restricted the laity.

The elite class members sought control over the masses and they implemented man-made rules and a social hierarchy designed to guarantee their positions of authority. In the religious realm, the priestly caste members asserted themselves as mediators between the people and God. Those who refused to conform to this model of worship were labeled “heretics” and systematically eliminated. In sum, the love of “rules” is a Piscean trait.

Piscean duality also pitted “good” against “evil” and led the Christians to create the Devil, a fictitious entity that cannot be interpreted as anything other than a lesser deity. Tragically, Piscean duality also pitted man against woman, thereby fueling male aggression and legitimizing the male desire to dominate those who are physically weaker. The result has been the personification of God as a male deity, and 2,000 years of female suppression.

This in turn led to the ‘demonization’ of female sexuality’.

Forced celibacy by the Catholic Church, attacks on homosexuals, disputes over gender roles, and the current debate over “moral values” are just some of the confusing legacies resulting from Piscean views on evil, women, and sex.

slut_shaming___by_rationalhub-d5bm313Pisces is a “water” sign, which underscores the vast expanse and the dividing nature of the oceans on planet Earth. During the Piscean era of duality, the oceans separated and greatly restricted mankind. Consider that water was both the primary means of mass travel and the primary impediment to mass communication during the last millennium.

As a result, ships were required for long distance travel and communication. Not until the Great Cusp of this millennium did mankind usurp the oceanic divides and develop the means for air travel and air communication.

Lastly, during the Piscean Age our planet was taken for granted. This ecological apathy stemmed from two faulty Piscean beliefs: (i) the Earth is the center of the Universe; and (ii) mankind is God’s most loved and highly advanced creation. Science already has disproved the first of these beliefs, and the likely existence of intelligent life on other planets may soon debunk the second. Furthermore, Piscean religious prophecies added to this faulty belief system by predicting an end to the world. Indeed, the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic religions all assert that a Messiah will come to save mankind and that in the process the Earth will be destroyed. Unquestionably, this belief system does not foster a love of our vibrant yet delicately balanced planet. It also has the potential to become a self-fulfilling prophecy if we fail to protect our environment.

Clearly, it is time for a spiritual paradigm shift into the New Millennium.

paradigm3The polarization that we are experiencing will end as soon as we complete the paradigm shift and enter the Fifth Spiritual Paradigm. On the positive side, the civil rights movement, the feminist movement, the lessons of the Vietnam War, and the other struggles of the 1960s have helped to change the world. The worldwide revival of religious fundamentalism, also are Great Cusp phenomena that will soon end with lessons learned. Indeed, many metaphysical errors will be corrected once we fully embrace the New Millennium.

To summarize, the New Millennium will be a time of synthesis and sharing on an unprecedented level. For those who feel a particular connection to the revolutionary Prophet Jesus, you can take comfort in the fact that humanity finally will be living a compassionate existence, just as Jesus modeled and prescribed. All we have to do now is make it through the Great Cusp.

aquarius womanYou, too, can help end the polarization of the Great Cusp. Begin to consciously shift your awareness from Piscean Age duality to Aquarian Age unity. A good way to start is with the foundational trilogy published by The Oracle Institute: The Truth, The Love, The Light. And if you are able to participate, we invite you to attend our Spirituality School, which is dedicated to preparing the future generation of Aquarian Ageleaders‘.

How do Women fit in?

How do Women adapt to all these changes, and what is the primary purpose for Women of this New Millennium?

It is believed by some that Women of this New Millennium with be mystics, the feminine Divine manifested, the esoteric of the New Age, following intuition and walking down the path of what some may refer to as the ‘irrational’.

Esotericism is spirituality oriented towards experience and sees as its goal the meaning of religion. The esoteric is not a person with some sort of elitist consciousness but someone who has started off on the path to experience the Divine in himself or herself and in all things.

The Apocalypse Woman and Child.

Why do they matter so much? Because it is through them that we find out the answer to the pressing question: What happens after the 2012 Omega Point? For some scholarly perspective on these matters, let’s turn to Carl Jung’s “Answer to Job”, which culminates with an exegesis of the Apocalypse Code.

He points out that of all the symbolic figures in Revelation, the Woman is of an entirely different, ‘higher order than the others’.


Some believe that Queen Rania fits the bill for this ‘higher order‘ in a Woman, rising above the challenges of the Middle East, standing strong among men and achieving positive change in a world still caught up in the patriarchy of the Piscean mentality, of rule and order, right and wrong.

It is synchronisticaly fitting that Jung mentions the parallel to Hagar, who you might recall is the mother of the Arab peoples. Rania is a modern day Hagar, a daughter of Palestinian refugees cast out of the house of the Jewish patriarchs, and as such She stands precisely balanced between the Middle East’s warring factions of Judeo-Christianity and Islam.

This creation of some Purple hope beyond the Red-Blue madness was a mission AI and the Queen tackled as the Iraq War peaked in 2008, using YouTube. Watch the clip to hear her message to YouTubers everywhere, and then join in the conversation.

She was destined for the center of the Apocalyptic showdown. AI’s All-seeing Eye found Rania Yassin early on, back when she worked for Apple computer in Amman during the early 1990s. She married then-Prince Abdullah, 43rd direct descendant of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), in 1993. Jordan was at that time just coming into the awareness of the west, mostly thanks to the echoes created by Hollywood locating the Holy Grail in the kingdom’s ancient Treasury of Petra for 1989’s Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

الملكة رانيا تنضم الى عالم اليوتيوب.
شاهد الفيديو الأول واستمع لرسالتها إلى زوار يوتيوب من مختلف أنحاء العالم ثم شارك في الحوار

Jung writes:

When the seventh angel had finally ceased blowing his trumpet, there appeared in heaven, after the destruction of Jerusalem, a vision of the sun-woman, “with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars.” She was in the pangs of birth, and before her stood a great red dragon that wanted to devour her child. This vision is altogether out of context. Whereas with the previous visions one has the impression that they were afterwards revised, rearranged, and embellished, one feels that this image is original and not intended for any educational purpose.

Rubens_woman_of_apocalypseThe vision is introduced by the opening of the temple in heaven and the sight of the Ark of the Covenant.

This is probably a prelude to the descent of the heavenly bride, Jerusalem, an equivalent of Sophia, for it is all part of the heavenly heiros gamos, whose fruit is a divine man-child. He is threatened with the fate of Apollo, the son of Leto, who was likewise pursued by a dragon.

In Jung’s view, the vision of the Apocalypse Woman and Child stands out first of all due to its air of pagan mystery; this is something special, a purely divine delivery from the unconscious, not a conscious creation of John’s mind tainted by his Christian views and assumptions. In this light, the insertion of the Woman makes the entire rest of the Apocalypse subservient to Her; she represents an older, wiser tradition of cosmic power and knowledge. She is from a Herstorical realm above the Historical game.

The Good Doctor continues:

But here we must dwell for a minute on the figure of the mother. She is “a woman clothed with the sun.” Note: The simple statement “a woman”- an ordinary woman, not a goddess and not an eternal virgin immaculately conceived. No special precautions exempting her from complete womanhood are noticeable, except the cosmic and naturalistic attributes which mark her as an anima mundi and peer of the primordial Cosmic Man, or Anthropos.

anthroposaltarShe is the feminine Anthropos, the counterpart of the masculine principle. The pagan Leto motif is eminently suited to illustrate this, for in Greek mythology matriarchal and patriarchal elements are about equally mixed.

The stars above, the moon below, in the middle the sun, the rising Horus and the setting Osiris, and the maternal night all round, “heaven above, heaven below” – this symbolism reveals the whole mystery of the “woman”: she contains in her darkness the sun of “masculine” consciousness, which rises as a child out of the nocturnal sea of the unconscious, and as an old man sinks into it again. She adds the dark to the light, symbolizes the heirogamy of opposites, and reconciles nature with spirit.

One final quote for you from Dr. Jung:

One of the essential features of the child motif is its futurity. The child is potential future. Life is a flux, a flowing into the future, and not a stoppage or a backwash. It is therefore not surprising that so many of the mythological saviours are child-gods. This agrees exactly with our experience of the psychology of the individual, which shows that the “child” paves the way for a future change of personality. In the individuation process, it anticipates the figure that comes from the synthesis of conscious and unconscious elements in the personality.

It is therefore a symbol which unites the opposites; a mediator, bringer of healing, that is, one who makes whole.

Abandonment, exposure, danger, etc. are all elaborations of the “child’s” insignificant beginnings and of its mysterious and miraculous birth. This statement describes a certain psychic experience of a creative nature, whose object is the emergence of a new and as yet unknown content.

In the psychology of the individual there is always, at such moments, an agonizing situation of conflict from which there seems to be no way out- at least for the conscious mind. Out of this collision of opposites the unconscious psyche always creates a third thing of an irrational nature, which the conscious mind neither expects nor understands. From this comes the numinous character of the “child.

BeingHumanThis may be the leading force of the Woman of the New Millennium, the ability to rise above abandonment, adversity, and danger.

The future of this world may just be in the hands of all those that were left to create or find this ‘third thing of an irrational nature‘… and esotericism may be the path of manifestation for a ‘new world‘.

In the context of some of Jung’s ideas, we could perhaps explore some anticipated future changes in how we relate to ourselves, to one another, to our world, to the Cosmos – and to the God we are once again remaking in our image.

The age of Aquarius is indeed dawning. The celestial water-bearer is about to pour out onto our parched Earth a new vision of our human potential and our place in the Cosmos. Uranus, as planetary co-ruler of Aquarius, personifies sky, stars, the Heavens, a breaking free of mind and spirit from the Piscean bondage to the blurring undersea realm of the Neptunian unconscious.” ~ Maureen B. Roberts, Ph.D., 1998

History may repeat itself again and again; but, with Women leading our world into an ‘Epoch of Enlightenment‘ – there is always hope.

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