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The technology field was historically associated with the male-domination. Over the years, however, women have become more involved in tech, just as it is with other areas of the economy. This is perhaps because as it is well known, a woman acts as the full circle and there is huge power within her to create, nurture, and transform.

Currently, more women are involved in creating, developing, and transforming technology more than ever before. Speaking from a male point of view, women have played a crucial part in technology industries and are continuously making a huge impact on the work that they do. As a matter of fact, many companies in the tech industry are employing women and by industry standards, Weave has among the highest percentages of women in the tech industry. We should all celebrate and feel proud of them for the remarkable accomplishments that they have achieved in the world of technology. There’s indeed a huge number of extraordinary women who have not only excelled in the tech industry but have also been integral in discovering new tech-related products.

When it comes to tech industry women are able to participate fully in the workplace as well as having the ability to innovate and design new things. Therefore, a keen look on this article establishes why we should celebrate them. It also provides a few examples of great female achievers who are globally recognized, along with some wonderful tech breakthroughs that have offered new hope to our girl child and made here to flourish and prosper.

1. Role Models

Women have become incredible role models for their invention in the tech industries. It is believed that the first computer program was developed by a woman Ada Lovelace back in 1983. Despite the fact that the machine was not built during those days, it is said to be the first algorithm to be executed by a modern computer. She, therefore, acted as the role model to other women and inspired them to join the tech industry.

2. Gender Inequality Is Overtaken By Events

What a man can do, a woman can do better; so they say. Despite the biggest challenge of gender inequality, women have soldiered on and have made a huge impact on the tech industry. There are different forms of gender inequality and you will witness them in the workplace, the political arena, and other leadership areas or top positions in organizations. They have been doing everything they can to be recognized and change the mindset that they indeed can do what their male counterparts can do. However, even as the face all these inequalities, most of them are able to conquer and even lead in the area of technology globally.

3. Digital Technology

Women have continuously been involved in capacity building all over the world. They have assisted their fellow women by organizing a network to exchange information rapidly across the globe. Some of them have created digital tech that provides all this information. They assist in helping women connect with other women in tech, to learn how to use their voice and gain power as well as establish their professional identity in technology. They are even able to share solutions and resources about the challenges they face while working in the tech industries. For instance, we have more than a dozen reasons to celebrate Donna Dubinsky, who paved much of the way for the smartphone market. Among many other achievements at the numerous tech companies she’s worked for (including Apple), Donna D was responsible for introducing the personal digital assistants (PDA) to the world.

Some Great Female Achievers in Technology

The following are the great women pioneers in the industry who have made a significant impact on technology and perhaps laid the foundation stones to what it is today:

1. Grace Hopper

She was one of the first computer programmers at the Harvard Mark I computer. She created compiler programs that lead to the development of COBOL computer programming language that is still used up today. The translated language that Grace Hopper designed is what many businesses use today in their daily core activities.

2. Margaret Hamilton

born in Indiana in 1936, Margaret Hamilton is another celebrated computer scientist and systems engineer. She has created tech products such as USE.IT, which have successfully been used by numerous entities and government projects. She was also able to develop a recovery and error detection software which was used in Apollo during its last minutes of landing in the moon. The software was able to help Apollo’s landing on the moon. Alongside many years of contributing to the world of technology, she has been able to own her own tech industry that has changed lives for many.

3. Erna Schneider Hoover

Born in 1926 in New Jersey, USA, Erna Hoover is believed to be the first woman to receive software patent in the history of technology. She invented a computerized electronic telephone switching system that has revolutionized the modern systems of communication and is still used up to date. Were it not for her maybe, today we will not be talking about telephones. Her great achievement has helped many over the years, making her a worthy woman of tech to celebrate.

How Tech Has Helped Women to Celebrate

On the other side, as we celebrate the women in tech, it is also more important to talk about how technology has changed the lives of many women. Women in the tech industry notably have the strength, courage, and confidence to move forward despite the heavy responsibility that they have. They are able to take everything that comes along and come out as conquerors. Highlighted below is one of the major benefits that has come along as a result of technology development, especially to women.

In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

Technology has also assisted women in various ways. One of the mega tech breakthroughs at this juncture is that In-vitro fertilization (IVF), which has made life easier for women who are unable to get children. Women who could not conceive due to various reasons can now be able to use this technology easily and fulfill their dreams.

On a parting shot, women make great leaders. It has been argued that a woman brings the much-needed diversity that helps in making informed business decisions even in the area of technology. When she is given a chance and an opportunity to participate in tech decision making, she exercises it to the extent of bringing or innovating something unique and of high quality. That’s why we have great women who have excelled in the tech industry and have been involved in changing the world holistically. All in all, women have been always devoted to whatever area they are in. This has made it them to be even the key leaders in the world.

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