What Are the Types of Breast Augmentations Available Today?

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Here are the many different types of breast augmentations that are offered today:

Cosmetic surgeries have become increasingly popular as the years have gone by.

Breast augmentations in particular have evolved from being purely cosmetic. Nowadays new subtle procedures have corrective or restorative purposes.

The procedures involved are not only easier but also less intrusive. That’s reflected in the fact that more than 4% of women have had some kind of breast augmentation!

That number is likely far larger when you take into account the variety of augmentation procedures. Just what are those procedures, though? Let’s have a look at the different types of breast augmentations.

Implant Materials

Far and away the most popular type of breast augmentation is the silicone implant. Although they have taken some flak from the healthcare industry in the past, they are once again back to being the most common augmentation.

They aren’t the only choice for material, however. Another potential choice is saline augmentation.

The main difference between the saline and silicone augmentations is the difference in the feel. Silicone should have a more natural feel, more accurately imitating breast tissue. There are also advancements like the gummy bear implant. This implant not only keeps its shape in a perfectly natural way but also feels identical to breast tissue.

Surgery Procedures

Is scarring a concern? Rest easy knowing that advancements in breast augmentation ensure an almost-invisible surgery.

You can receive a surgical incision in a variety of places, depending on your preference and the skill of the surgeon.

If you need implants, then a possible option is from the navel. After a small, unintrusive incision, the implant gets inserted through a tunnel to the breast. This keeps any scarring well away from the breasts.

Two surgery locations near the breast area at the fold of the armpit, and a small half-circle around the areola. Both of these methods are so clean that there will be almost no evidence of the surgery.

The techniques have become more and more refined. You should still opt to have the operation performed by the best plastic surgeon available though.

See more here if you’ve got an interest in finding a quality surgeon.

Types of Breast Augmentations

Gone are the days of breast augmentation’s association with tasteless implants. Augmentations go far beyond simple size changes now, offering peace of mind for any issues you may have with your body.

The medical industry doesn’t necessarily have all the answers. Especially to problems of self-esteem and self-image. If either of those things is in jeopardy, cosmetic surgery can be a lifesaver.

Childbirth and age are just two of the factors that could contribute to you not being happy with your body. Even smaller, subtle implants can completely transform your breasts.

Feeling Good About Your Body

Feeling younger, healthier, and happier with your body is something that every woman deserves to experience. While that doesn’t necessitate surgery, it also shouldn’t exclude the different types of breast augmentations.

You should do what makes you comfortable, one of the key factors in maintaining optimal health. If you want more advice and encouragement, check out more of our articles on women’s health and happiness!

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