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Maintaining a positive class behavior is one of the significant challenges that all teachers face. A negative behavior creates an environment that is not conducive for learning and wastes a lot of curriculum time. All these will lead to poor results which are not the aim of any teacher. Thus maintaining a positive classroom behavior that is conducive for students or kids is a necessary responsibility that can not be ignored at any chance. To keep a positive behavior in the classroom isn’t an easy task. However, by trying some basic tips, it can be a bit simple. This article will discuss tips that teachers can use to create positive classroom behavior. Following are hints to develop positive behavior in the class.

1. Don’t Feel Ashamed to Ask for Help

Being a teacher doesn’t mean you will be in a position to tackle any negative behavior you will realize in your class. Thus you shouldn’t be ashamed to ask for help in case you find a situation that you can not handle. There are many people in your school who are good and interested in eliminating negative behavior. You can get help from the school principal, behavior management team, or maybe a fellow teacher who may be willing to help. By doing this, you will eliminate any negative behavior more efficiently than you could have done on your own.

2. Let Students or Kids Correct Themselves

Another proven way of bringing positive behavior to the class is letting students correct themselves when they misbehave. You can do this by just asking them some questions, and in the end, they will have adjusted the behavior on their own.

There some questions that you can ask to correct any negative behavior:

* What did you do?
* Why did you do that?
* Was doing that right according to you?
* Who told you doing that is right?
* What were you supposed to do?
* Can you stop doing that and do the right thing?

3. Using Misbehavior as an Opportunity

It’s a common thing that kids will always make mistakes. Your main task as a teacher is to learn these mistakes and teach them in the right way to go. Use all the mistakes they do as an opportunity and show them the right thing to do. By doing this, they will learn positive behavior easily and practice them. Students are the leaders of tomorrow, and all efforts should be applied to them to make sure they learn good character such as cooperation, respect, empathy, assertion, and also self-control.

4. Don’t Assume Students Already Know

Even if you have already taught a specific behavior, you shouldn’t assume any misbehavior and say you previously taught that. Kids have not already developed prefrontal cortex, and they will always forget something even if you show them. Doing the wrong thing might be out of their will, and you need to keep teaching them again and again. At the end of the day, they will learn and build good character.

You will have to develop consistent procedures and routines, reteach them severally, model them and always solve any problem at the individual level or as a whole class when needed.

5. Have a Good Relationship with Students

A good relationship between a teacher and students is very important when it comes to building a positive class behavior. When students know a teacher well, and the teacher knows all his/her students well together with their behavior they are less likely to misbehave. The only way this can be achieved is by building a strong relationship between the two parties, even if they use term paper writing service.

There are different ways to create a strong relationship with your students. You can make sure you reach to them severely even when they are on holiday. Email and text their families also to create that friendship. All these will build a strong relationship that will make it easy for you to advise your students and create a positive behavior on them.

6. Stay Firm

To build a positive behavior in your students, you must stay firm on whatever you say or do. If you implement a specific action and keep stay firm on it, you will make your students get used to it and practice whatever you have taught them even in your absence. When any kid or student breaks any behavior that you have shown them, try and discipline him/her. Do this in a smart way that will not create hatred from your students. Make sure you let them understand whatever you are doing to them is because you love them and not that you hate them. You want to see them adopt good behavior and act accordingly.

7. Create Fun with your Students

The best way to make sure students learn what you teach them is by opening their minds and creating a good mood to them. To open your students up, you need to create fun during lessons and joke with them. Add jokes, music, and games into your lessons. You need to make sure you have a happy face that will get students relaxed and open them up. Whenever you feel frustrated by any behavior, don’t act out of anger. Get out for some time and come back when your moods are down. By doing this, you can counsel and correct the mistake in a desired and appropriate manner that will not have negative effects.

8. Clear Expectations

Your students should clearly know what you expect them to do from the beginning. This will determine the way students are going to behave in a great extent. Make sure to create some class rules and regulations at the start. The rules should be specific, concise and positive. Posting the rules on the class notice board could be a great idea. You can also have several copies and distribute them to each student.


Without a positive class behavior, teaching can be a daunting task. Any teacher should strive to create a positive learning environment that will bear good results. Follow the above tips and create the best class environment that will make it possible for your students to perform well.

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