5 Signs You Have The Perfect Partner For You

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There are so many articles online and in women’s magazines about how to spot a bad partner, how to know when to leave your partner, red flags that show your partner isn’t who you should be with, and so on.

These are all important articles, but this is dedicated to all of the happy loved-up couples and people on the fence wondering if their new (or not so new!) partner is The One.

The Check List You’ve Always Needed

So, ladies, if you’re reading this and you’re looking at the person across from you and pondering whether they are The One, it’s time to stop the wondering.

Here are five signs that they’re The One:

1. They’re Clearly Crazy About You

They will do anything for you. Remember that step over the last bar? They did it because they knew how much it would affect your day if they didn’t show up. They’ll do nice things for you without being asked.

2. You Have A Similar Sex Drive

Let’s face it, sex is important in a relationship, but it’s not the quantity of sex that is important; it’s the quality and enjoyment of your sexy time together.

When it comes to sex, couples need to be on the same page, especially for sex drives. Whether you are both obsessed with trying out new sex toys and love the idea of shopping for them together at places like My Amazing Fantasy in Andover or if you’re both more of lazy Sunday mornings only type of couple, problems will arise if one person’s desire for sex is a lot higher than the other.

If it’s not, and you’re both happy to have sex as often as the other, then you may have found The One!

3. They Do The Simple Things For You

Little things matter. Be it grabbing you a bottle of water for long journeys just because they know you like it or making a special effort to let you sleep in on the weekends because they get up earlier than you, little things matter.

It’s the little things that he does for you (and you do for them) that make your relationship more loving and more special to you.

4. They’re Even Headed

You’ve both been through a lot together, you’ve made each other cry, you’ve laughed together through good times and bad. Eventually, you’ll have your ups and downs, but the important thing is that they’re always there for you no matter what.

They know when to get serious about its things that need a serious head, but they also realize when not to.

5. You’ll Both Change For And Support Each Other

When they love you, they will change for you. They may become a better person or may even clean up their act in all sorts of ways.

The point is that if you love and believe in them, then they will change for the better. This is the kind of person that can take no for an answer and figure out a way to make it work anyway.

Couples that work should be couples that want the best for the best part of each other, and that’s not always the easiest option. If your partner wants the best for you and isn’t afraid to tell you when you’re out of line, they might just be The One.

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