What is Vintage-Style Decor – Makeover for Your House

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living room white sofa with two striped pillows, candles on coffee table and beautiful vintage artwork on backwall

The interior designs are evolving each day, and every day a new trend becomes popular. Such a trend is the vintage-style decor, which takes us back to classic times and looks refreshing.

Vintage home decor is getting famous due to its warmth and practical approach. So let’s discuss some ways by which you can turn your home vintage.

What is Vintage Style Decor

As the name suggests, Vintage style is a classic retro style—the simplicity and warmth of old times. The decor has no strict rules, and of course, you can play a little. It is trending because of the straightforward, practical, and cozy look.

The natural neutral colors with contrasting raw furniture and open storage. Some timeless elements as decor make it cheerful and pleasing to the eyes.

The Vintage Hues

The wall colors are primary colors, the naturals like white, beige, and grey. The light shades of pink and lilac, light blue with a combination of neutrals also look good. These hues must be paired with naturally aged furniture.

The setup welcomes natural forged colors of wood, stone, and bright patterned bed cover and rugs. The colors take everyone back to the old times.


You can opt for open barn-style wooden beams. They look old school and give a spacious look to your room.

You can also introduce Anaglypta, which is a textured and embossed wallpaper. It looks very royal and premium. Finally, you can create a wooden grid frame or white ceiling.

Bed Styles

A brass bed on a wooden floor with cozy mattes and comforters looks like a classic pairing. Another bed style, like canopy beds with sheer, flawless neutral shade curtains, also looks enchanting.

You can accessorize the bed with rustic lamps or a vintage suitcase bedside stand. So pile up your rustic suitcase and place a lampshade with some gorgeous accessories.

Vintage Wall Decor

Tradition Lights

The classic lights take us back to the royalty and the era full of richness. You can spice up your walls with traditional wall sconces on either side of beds, wall frames, or doors. It can be a candle stand or an electric filament bulb.

A basic chandelier on the center of the living room ceiling also looks captivating. Again, the copper and brass shades look very welcoming.

Vintage Canvas

vintage canvas of white horse sitting on wall behind dining table with white woodnen chairsVintage canvas with old cars, sassy vintage quotes, and images displaying older times look very eye-catching. Wall canvas adds a focal point and texture to the walls, and you can pair other accessories with it.

Vintage style is incomplete with wall treatment. So, read out various vintage style decor ideas to make your home timeless.

Retro Style Wallpaper

Retro-style wallpapers with floral prints and warm shades look so lavish. It is because they are so easy to install and removable.

It can be pasted on the rooftop. If your walls are plain, you can paste wallpapers on the roof. And with the simple top, you can pair patterned wallpapers. They provide an instant classic touch to the vintage decor.

Vintage Furniture

The furniture should be made of all-natural materials like wood and upholstery fabrics. The wood fittings can have rough edges and cracks. On the other hand, the carved handles with carving, bronze, or brass fittings look very organic.

Vintage Fabrics

The curtains can be long and all flares. The curtains can be neutral or bright, maintaining contrast with other colors. Decorative and embroidered lace napkins placed gracefully on tables will look exhilarating.

The rich fabrics of old times with striking patterns in the living room or bedroom brighten up the style. Then, add lots of pillows, cushions, and bedding accessories with floral prints.

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