How to Completely Detox Your Life

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Modern life can be overwhelming and stressful. We live in a world of processed food, social media, climate change, and air pollution. All things considered, it’s not surprising that our bodies and minds feel overworked and in need of a reboot.

So, instead of sticking to just one New Year’s Resolution this January, how about making twelve? It may sound daunting, but by tackling just one of these resolutions every month, you could completely detox your life in 2018. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Ditch Chemical Products

The dangers of chemical household products aren’t particularly well publicized for obvious reasons. However, regular cleaning products have been linked to respiratory distress, gastrointestinal problems, and even cancer. So swap out chemical air fresheners, antibacterial sprays, and laundry products for organic alternatives or, even better, create your own cleaners using items in your pantry.

Organize Your Finances

Debt is one of the leading causes of stress and depression in the United States, so it’s vital for your mental health to get your finances into shape. If you’re snowed under by worrying letters and red bills, resist the urge to bury your head in the sand. Ignoring debt only makes it worse, so consult with a money advisor on where to turn. You will also need to set a budget for what you can spend each month and stick to it. Once you’re in better financial health, the other areas of your life will also start to improve, so this is a vital step in the life-detox process.

Distance Yourself From Toxic People

If you surround yourself with people who make you feel negative, it might be time to cut the cord. This is easier said than done in the case of work colleagues or family members, but simply creating some distance between you and your toxic influence can make a difference to your well-being. If you’re in a relationship that’s making you unhappy, consider seeking professional advice. Life is too short to spend it on people who make you feel bad about yourself, however complicated the situation may be.

Cleanse Your Social Media Feed

The social media age comes with many pros and cons. Being digitally connected is great if you want to keep in touch with long-distance friends or work remotely, but it can also have its downsides. If you’ve ever caught yourself in a social media tailspin, scrolling through feed after feed and making endless comparisons, it might be time to unfollow those accounts that don’t inspire or encourage you.

Go Organic

Eating fruit and vegetables is great, but not if they’re covered in harmful pesticides like store-bought produce often is. If you haven’t made a move to organic, now’s the time. It may be a little more expensive, but those extra dollars are a small price to pay for your health. If you’re particularly strapped for cash, you could always grow organic produce in your backyard.

Stop Smoking

If you’re still smoking cigarettes, it’s time to kick the habit. Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in the United States, leading to lung cancer, chronic heart disease, and stroke. Not only are you playing fast and loose with your health, but your purse is probably taking a hit too. See your doctor about making the switch to less harmful nicotine alternatives, and start saving for that holiday.

Curb Your Alcohol Intake

Most people drink alcohol in moderation, but if you’re exceeding the recommended seven drinks per week limit, you could have a problem. Try to curb your alcohol intake, enlisting the help of your doctor if you’re struggling. If you’re alcohol dependent, you should think about checking into a rehab facility. The Recovery Village is a leading drug and alcohol recovery center offering a variety of treatment programs.

Reframe Negativity

If you’re continuously feeding your brain negative thoughts, you’re going to start believing them. Start practicing daily yoga or mindfulness to help calm your thoughts and become more positive. Once you switch negative messages for positive ones, your brain will soon catch on.

De-Clutter Your Home

Physical clutter can make you stressed and unproductive, so it’s time to clear the junk from your home. Adopt the Mari Kondo method and see if you can embrace a more minimalist lifestyle. In essence, Kondo suggests that if your items aren’t being used or they don’t spark joy, they don’t have a place in your home.

Get More Sleep

Sleep is essential for all areas of mental and physical health, so it’s important to get enough shut-eye to keep you healthy and happy. There is little evidence to back up the eight-hour rule, so discover your own optimum sleep amount by going to bed at the same time every day. Once you get into this happy, your body’s natural circadian rhythm will kick in, and you will begin to wake up naturally after a set period.

Cut Down on Sugar

Excessive sugar intake can be just as harmful as drinking too much alcohol or smoking cigarettes, in that it leads to long-term health conditions like type 2 diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. Like all good things, sugar is okay to consume in moderation, but don’t overdo it, and try to stick to natural sweeteners like organic maple syrup and fruit sugars whenever possible.

Bring Plants Indoors

Plants detoxify the air in your home, so try to have one in each room to help you breathe better and stay healthy. Greenery can also liven up a dull space in your home and make your house smell fresh, so this one is a no-brainer. Research unusual plants for inspiration, and regularly fill your home with seasonal flowers for an instant mood lifter.

So, that’s it: twelve ways to detox your life in 2021. Don’t try to tackle them all at once, as you will become overwhelmed and are more likely to quit. Instead, work out which points are most important to you, and make a promise to yourself to try one each month throughout the year.

Thanks to Lauren Greger

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