How to Express Your Identity Through Fashion and Fragrance

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Nowadays, everyone has carte blanche to wear exactly what they want and to use beauty and make-up products in whichever way they choose, however eclectic or minimal.


There are several key elements to becoming a fashion and fragrance trendsetter, all of which are only achievable when you enjoy the pieces you wear. There is little point in representing a fashion house or start-up brand when you do not share their love of the pieces themselves, the ethos of the designer, and the colors and styles of the brand’s flagship designs.

If, however, you find a brand designer or range of clothing styles that you enjoy wearing, becoming a fashion trendsetter will be considerably easier and far more enjoyable.

Ways to become a fashion trendsetter include, but are no way limited to:

~ Make good use of the internet and, in particular, social media platforms such as Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

~ Invest in fashion magazine subscriptions such as Elle, Vogue, and Marie Claire.

~ Keep your finger on the pulse regarding the latest fashion trends and, more importantly, upcoming brands and styles.

~ Crucially, learn to be confident about the clothing you wear and ensure you make a big, bold statement the moment you step outside.

Struggles and Strengths

A person’s signature scent should ideally not just be what they happened to be gifted last Christmas or the cheapest bottle of perfume at the cash register in a store that they could find last minute.

The fragrance you choose to accompany you on a regular basis should represent not just who you are and aspects of your personality but should also proudly symbolize your struggles as well as your strengths.

When experimenting with different fragrances to find a scent that represents you and, naturally, a scent that pleases you, the most enjoyable and cost-effective way is to treat yourself to a monthly designer perfume subscription from an established supplier such as scent magic.


What you wear has a direct and highly impactful effect on your general mood, specifically when it comes to the colors you choose to dress in each morning. However basic it sounds, studies have shown that people who suffer from low mood and depression who deliberately dress in brighter colors and more fun, colorful clothes often feel better in the morning once they are dressed.

Fashion and mood are essentially co-dependent; how a person feels when waking up in the morning will inevitably affect how they dress, and how a person dresses in the morning will similarly affect their mood for the day.

Everyone, regardless of who they are and what they do for a living, can relate to gravitating towards oversized t-shirts and stretched-out leggings or jogging bottoms when they are feeling poorly or miserable. Conversely, everyone can relate to feeling confident and attractive when they make an effort to dress in smart, figure-hugging dresses or suits when on a night out.

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