How to Buy Health Insurance for Yourself

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Health insurance plans are like the most reliable friend one can have. Unfortunately, most people in India are not aware of the benefits a health insurance plan can bring. An insurance plan is compared to a reliable friend because when you buy health insurance, it provides you with financial aid in case of a medical emergency.

Basically, a health insurance policy provides you with protection for both your health and wealth.

Different insurance providers offer different health insurance benefits. So, it is understandable to feel confused when trying to pick the one that suits you the best. Thus, the only solution to this situation is knowledge. Knowing all about the terms, conditions, exclusions, inclusions, benefits and drawbacks of the policies can help you choose better and avail of all the benefits offered by the insurance plan.

The Benefits to Buying Health Insurance

Most health insurance policies provide comprehensive insurance coverage to the policyholders. These policies assist you in meeting all the expenses incurred during any emergency and also provide you with preventive medical check-ups to avoid any future complications. Hence, here is a list of critical benefits one can get when they buy Health insurance:

Cashless Medical Treatment

A policyholder gets a chance of availing quality cashless treatment at any of the network hospitals affiliated with the policy. For non-network hospitals, one can file for reimbursement with certain terms and conditions.

Pre-hospitalization Coverage

Most of the policies take care of the expenses that are incurred both before and after the hospitalization. It will consider a certain number of days for both pre and post hospitalization, provided the expenditures belong to the policyholder.

Medical Check-up Facility

These plans also offer the policyholder the facilities for regular health checks. One must check the policy documents to know if it covers pre-existing conditions.

Alternative Treatment Coverage

Some insurance providers also offer health insurance plans that offer coverage for alternate treatments such as Ayurvedic and naturopathy therapy.

Outpatient Benefits

Some policies provide for hospital charges only. So, one must be careful to check this clause when they are about to buy Health insurance.

Some tips that can help you when you are about to buy health insurance:

· Investing young is always advisable
· Read the policy documents before proceeding further
· Never conceal any information
· Check for the waiting period
· Look out for exclusions on certain conditions
· Always include critical Health insurance
· Options in the market to buy Health insurance

Options To Buy Health Insurance

Some of the options one can utilize when purchasing a health insurance plan are listed below:

Option one: Approaching a Health Insurance Company

When you plan to buy Health insurance, the company can provide you with ample information based on your requirement. Moreover, you can compare the policies and select one that fits your needs the best.

There are certain criterias that can help you select a reliable Insurance Company, such as:

· Company registration details: Some fraud companies are claiming to provide the best policies at cheaper rates. One must be very attentive to check the registration details of the company while making a choice.

· Claim settlement ratio: Most of the companies create issues at the time of claim settlement. Hence this ratio is essential to ensure for the future.

· Company reputation: Finding details about the reputation of the company is crucial. One can verify with old policyholders or do a background check to ensure credibility.

Option two: To Buy Health Insurance Online

Purchasing a health insurance policy online is a convenient way and provides you with some flexibility as well. One can utilize the calculator available to understand the coverage they need. Using this premium calculator is simple. All you need to do is enter the required details such as age, salary, assets, liabilities etc. Thus, you can also get several policy suggestions according to your needs and capability by the end.

There are many more additional advantages in buying an online policy, like:

· Premium payment is easy.
· One can set reminders.
· Economic way as there are no middlemen charges
· Give a comparison of several policies
· Saves your time

Most insurance companies have an online presence. So, it becomes easy for a policyholder to convert their preexisting traditional policies to online policy.

It is easy to buy Health insurance when you approach the right channel that are according to the IRDAI guidelines. One has to undergo a general medical examination before they can be considered eligible for buying a Health insurance plan. Besides, you can opt for trusted insurance companies like Care Health insurance that offer a variety of plans at affordable premiums.

Thanks to Amara Etter

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