Five Ways to Improve the Customer Delivery Experience

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High-quality customer experience is hugely important, as it drives the return sales that all businesses need to be able to sustain long-term growth. However, many businesses are focusing more on the on-site customer experience and less on the processes that occur once a sale has been made. With big companies like Amazon changing consumer expectations of delivery services, it has never been more important to improve your customer delivery experience.

1. Improve Your Delivery Options

Offering a high-quality delivery experience begins at the checkout. Customers now expect to be offered a range of different delivery options to suit their price preferences and schedules. In fact, nearly 20% of people will abandon a shopping cart if there is no next-day delivery option. Make sure that you are offering a high-quality customer delivery experience from the outset by offering customers a range of delivery options.

2. Provide Tracking

Studies have found that the ability to track orders is hugely important, with 73% of consumers that were surveyed stating it as one of the most influential delivery factors. If you are not optimized to provide customers with tracking updates, then you should implement a new system as soon as possible.

You can use shipping and delivery software to provide customers with the updated information they need. Once you have this type of software up and running, it requires little to no human input, allowing you to increase customer satisfaction without reducing your productivity rates.

3. Provide a Top Quality Unboxing Experience

The delivery experience does not end once the package has arrived with the customer; the whole unboxing process is also vital for customer experience. In fact, the quality of your packaging and the form of your unboxing experience can have a very big impact on the customer’s expectations and satisfaction rates.

As Bennett Packaging explains, you should use personalized, high-quality packaging materials to ensure the best customer experience. You should also be mindful of your use of plastics in your packaging to ensure that you are not wasting plastic where it unnecessary.

4. Follow-Up After Delivery

Once the customer has received their purchase and had the time to fully unbox it, it is useful to send a follow-up email. Following up with a customer will help to solidify the high-quality customer experience that they received. You should try to personalize your follow-up emails as much as possible to ensure the highest customer satisfaction rate.

5. Consult Data and Feedback

Sending a follow-up email is not only important as it solidifies a high-quality delivery experience for the customer, but it will also provide you with the ability to ask customers for feedback and reviews.

Customer reviews are hugely important as they are often a deciding factor to whether a new customer purchases with your store or not. The best time to ask a customer for a review is after a delivery has been made, as it is most likely they will follow through and leave a review at this time. You should also ask customers for some feedback as this can help you identify where you are better able to improve on your delivery services in the future.

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