Pain Did Not Stop Her From Achieving Her Dream

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Local Ipswich Woman saw eight doctors and three hospitals and ended up studying medicine to heal her own body.

This was ridiculous, I needed to be able to function, to walk, to sit in a chair, to stand and to complete tasks on a daily basis. None of this was happening as I was always taking 2-6 weeks off at a time, lying down, crying in pain, unable to move, unable to eat, unable to think.

I could not function.

I had a business to run. For 35 years I had been like this. I had gone to 8 different doctors and 3 hospitals over this time frame. Every time saying to the doctors, “something is wrong, something is terribly wrong. I am in very bad pain”

Pain, Pain Go Away! I have an empire to build.

There was no way I could run my business successfully living in the amount of pain I was in. This pain interferred with my life! This pain stopped me from doing what I am here to do. This pain was a huge pain! First I must take care of the pain. I have got to get rid of this pain. Then, I can publish my book, go on the speakers circut and build the homes for the kids.

I had a dream to full fill but pain was in the way.

The dream residing inside my heart is so strong, I have done everything possible to bring it to fruition. I did whatever I had to do to make this dream happen. After seeing 8 doctors and 3 hospitals, I studied medicine, diagnosed my own medical condition and healed it myself.

Out there somewhere is a young person living homeless on the streets because the system stopped the payments to the family and the family said they had to leave the home as they were now 18, an adult who could care for themselves. This is the reality for most kids growing up in the foster care system. At the age of 18 they are asked to leave the home and fend for themselves.

Statistics show 71% homelessness and 47% unemployment once a foster care child turns 18. I had met many foster care kids and listened to their stories. I cried when I learned they had no where to go and no one to depend upon.

I have A Vision to change the world!

To be more precise, I am here on earth with a mission to build homes and schools for the kids who have left the foster care system. It is important to manifest this Vision, to provide a safe space, A Place To Call Home; a place where the kids feel safe to be themselves. To fulfill their purpose, to make something of themselves. To Dream and live life to the fullest. To realise their full potential. Be guided along the way.

I have always said: “You can not dream, if you are living in survival mode.”

It has always been my motto: “The more chance kids have to succeed at life, the more kids who will succeed at life.”

Part of my Vision is creating a book where I invited 1000 people to each write a story for the book titles: 1000 Ripple Effects.

Each author answered the question: What advice do you give the 15-21 year olds becoming an adult?

Before I can publish this book and go out there into the world and build the homes for the kids, I first must take care of the pain I was in. There was no way I could publish the book and be on the speakers circuit successfully living in the amount of pain I was in. I knew I had to do something about it. I went to see a doctor one last time in desperate hope I would get some answers. But alas, No. still the same responses.

This is where my healing journey began.

The very first person I spoke to was my mum. She said to me “That’s just what us women have to put up with” and refused to take me to see a doctor. “Here, have some panadol, you’ll be ok. It’s all normal.”

Years went by, the pain was really bad. I knew something was wrong. When I was able to take myself to see a doctor, I organized to see a woman doctor. I told her the terrible pain I was experiencing.

The doctors response; “That’s just what us women have to put up with; have some panadol, you’ll be fine.”

“It’s all normal” finishes doctor.

I was mortified by this response and promptly responded with “Is that your medical opinion?”

“I’m a doctor, and I am telling you the pain you are experiencing is all normal.”

“But this pain is really bad, this is not normal at all.” I sobbed.

“Yes it is normal. The best I can do for you is to send you home, advise you to take some pain medication and put a hot water bottle on area in pain.” the doctor said.

I kept arguing with this doctor, trying to convince her of how bad the pain really was, but she was not listening to me and started to shove me out the door as she had another patient to see. Even though the doctor told me it was all normal, I was not convinced and felt helpless at this point not believing I had to accept her medical opinion. I was not accepting it. Not at all. Something was really wrong with me and I knew it. Years went by, the pain kept getting worse.

I went to see a different doctor.

Again, I said to the doctor “There is something terribly wrong with me.

I have really bad pain.” The doctor promptly replied with “This is just women’s issues. There is nothing wrong with you, it is all normal.” Again, even though the doctor told me in their medical opinion, everything was normal, I was not convinced. I still felt helpless at this point and yet was to accept their medical opinion.

I was not accepting it. Not at all. Never!

Something was really wrong with me and I knew it. Over many years I went and saw all types of doctors including young doctors fresh out of medical school hoping they would want to do a really good job and find out what was wrong with me. No useful responses.

I wnet to really old doctors, the ones who had been seeing patients for over 50 years hoping they would have seen this type of pain and know what to do about it. No useful responses.

I went to women doctors hoping they would understand because they were women and that was totally fruitless. All I got was this is normal. Pain is normal. This is part of being a woman. I went to men doctors hoping they would know what this pain was and how to fix it. No useful responses.

The pain medication they gave me did nothing at all. There was no relief.

The responses I got were: “That is just women’s issue.” “Women’s issues are not an emergency” and I was not to clog up the emergency room with women’s issues. “You’re faking this pain, because you are drug seeker!” “It’s all in your head, and the only doctor who can help you is a psychiatrist” “There is nothing we can do for you” “The only thing we can do is manage your pain, here have some morphine.” “Pain is normal.” “This is what us women have to put up with.” Enough was enough!

For anyone who knows me, I absolutely will not have any drugs in my house. And refuse all pain medication when offered.

My thoughts always gave me the strength to keep searching for the right answer, constantly thinking “I had to do something about this. I needed my life back, I needed to be able to function. I had a business to run. I had a vision to manifest, I had a purpose to fulfil. I have children to take care of. I have homes to build.”

So, I made the decision to take things into my own hands, take full responsibility for my own health and healing. It was time I studied medicine. I had to find out what was wrong with me. I had to heal this and get my life back again. Since the doctors were not going to help me, I needed to help myself. I tuned up at the Medical school library. I asked to borrow the medical books. They said, “No!, I needed to be enrolled as a full time medical student at their University.”

My thinging was instantly “Ok, they can stop me from borrowing books, but they can not stop me from learning.” I turned up every day to the library and sat myself down at the tables with the medical books. I kept reading till I found all the answers. I brought with me a list of my symptoms.

First thing I had to do was to research all the medical conditions that had pelvic pain. This took several weeks. I made a list of all the medical conditions that had these symptoms. After making this list, I started to go through each medical condition one by one. Researching each medical condition thoroughly until I decided this was not the medical condition I had causing me all this pain. The symptoms did not match.

I knew I must keep looking. Somewhere out there was a medical condition that had all these symptoms. I had not found it yet. First medical condition, “No!” Second medical condition, “Not, this one.” Next medical condition “No!, I don’t have this.” Next “No, it’s not that either.” None of these medical conditions had all the symptoms I was experiencing. I must keep going, I must keep looking. I must keep reading. I was running out of medical conditions. My list was getting shorter and shorter. I was becoming hopeful as there were only a few conditions left. It had to be one of these. Months had passed, hours of reading, studying, researching and finding out I did not have any of the medical conditions on the list was leaving me very drained. But I must keep going, I have got to find the answers. They are here somewhere.

One afternoon I was listening to a random podcast of a woman speaking about her symptoms and how the doctors had diagnosed her with Endometriosis. Most of the symptoms this woman spoke about were identical to my symptoms or very similar. At this point, my ears picked up and I started to listen to what she was saying. I had to remember this name. I had never heard of it, and it was not a medical condition on my list of medical conditions to research. Endometriosis.

At this stage, I did not even know how to spell the word – endometreeosis. I got home, and started to google this really long word. Thank goodness Google told me how to spell this word correctly. Endometriosis. The next day I went back to the medical library.

I researched and found many books that had information about Endometriosis and proceeded to sit down at the tables and started reading. I had pen and paper with me to take notes. The medical books had a whole chapter dedicated to this medical condition. I started with looking up all the symptoms first.

“Yes, the symptoms were matching… more symptoms were matching.” was the first thought that came to my mind.

“Does it affect the bowel?” I asked myself. Yes, it can cause symptoms that mimic IBS.

“Does it affect the hormones?” I continued. Yes.

“Does it make me vomit?” Yes.

“Back pain?” Yes.

“Stomach Pain?” Yes.

“Leg Pain?” Yes.

“Unable to walk?” Yes.

“Oh My Goodness, I think I might have found the answer!” thinking to myself, I knew I still needed to do a lot more research first. I began to feel hopeful. I kept researching. I needed to make sure this is exactly what I had. I had to confirm and make sure. It was important. Three months of solid research to find this answer. And finally I had an answer.

Ok! now I know what I had. I have Endometriosis. Now, the real study began!

I had to find out “What is Endometriosis?” and “What causes Endometriosis?” “How does it start?” “How does a person end up with Endometriosis?” and, most importantly “How do I fix it?” “What do I have to do to heal this medical condition, Endometriosis?” were all immediate thoughts.

Back to the medical books I go.

There is a long road ahead of me right now, and there is no time to waste. I must get started on answering all these questions. After months and months of study I was beginning to become a permanent fixture in the library corner. The chair and I started to become one with each other. My body was moulded into that chair. My shadow would permanently drawn on the wall until a breakthrough, until I had answers!

side by side pictures of diseased uterus on left and healthy uterus on right displaying endometriosis damageEndometriosis is the endometrial tissue growing on the outside of the organs. (Where it does not belong). Endometrial tissue should only grow on the inside of the uterus. Endometriosis is caused from one of two things. Either stomach surgery or nutritional deficiencies. I went to the doctor and asked for blood tests to be done.

I needed to find out what nutritional deficiencies I had. From reading all the medical books until I understood, it was revealed to me I needed to: first – fix all the nutritional deficiencies, second – fix the hormonal imbalances, third – stop eating all the foods that caused inflammation.

Study also revealed to me:

1. Nutritional Deficiencies takes up to 2 years to correct.
2. Hormonal imbalances takes up to 3 years to correct.

It is going to be a while before I would start to see some good results. A few months to a few years. Well, I was prepared to do what I needed to do to heal my body and eliminate the pain. I wanted my life back. I spent the next amount of time fixing nutritional deficiencies and correcting the hormonal imbalances. I also stopped eating all the foods causing inflammation.

Pain was going. Pain had reduced.

I was able to sit up and walk again. This was something I had not been able to do in a long time. I was getting my life back.

Slowly, after fixing the nutritional deficiencies and getting the hormones back on track again, I was still experiencing some pain, so back to the medical books I go. This time I was researching how to alleviate pain without the use of drugs. My medical research uncovered for me the pain can be healed with either TENS Machine or Far Infra red heat. I delved into the research for both.

TENS Machine: TENS Machine.

For some people, a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) machine is used as an alternative to painkilling medication. A TENS machine is a small, portable and battery-operated device which is worn on the body. The box is attached by wires to sticky pads stuck to the skin. Small electrical pulses are transmitted to the body, like little electric shocks. This can help to ease pain in some people with certain types of pain. Although there is not much robust proof that TENS machines work, many people do find them very helpful. The advantage is that TENS is well tolerated and largely without side-effects. Research trials looking at the effectiveness of TENS machines have so far been inconclusive. Further large studies are needed to clarify the precise role and effect of using TENS. However, TENS machines have proved to be a popular form of pain relief with some people. As with many forms of treatment, the effect can vary from individual to individual, even with the same condition.

Far Infrared Heat: Far Infra

Far Infrared Heat: Far Infra red heat will penetrate deep into the bodies organs and heal on a cellular level. Far infra red heat also alleviates and reduces inflammation. The Far Infrared Device can help alleviate your endometriosis symptoms by improving the flow of nutrient creating oxygen-rich blood to ease inflammation and stimulate blood flow.

Far Infrared Heat relieves nervous tension and relaxes auto-neuro muscles thereby helping the body make the most of its intended healing abilities. Far Infrared Heat reduces soreness on nerve endings and muscle spasms, as muscle fibres are heated. As a result, rapid reduction of swelling, inflammation and associated pain occurs. Relaxation of muscles and relief of muscular aches – reduces back, shoulder and neck pains.

Far Infrared Heat soothes tension and stress in both body and mind. Using an infrared sauna works to oxygenate the body’s tissues, and can really help with detoxification pathways to reduce xenoestrogens in women with endometriosis. Introducing an infrared sauna to my wellness routine helped me to heal in so many ways, from pain management to relaxation and stress relief. The choice was obvious! Far Infra red heat it was. I had to find a Far Infrared heat treatment device that I could use in my own home. Where to find Far Infra red Heat treatments?

Found it! … I found this portable device called an ENDO Belt.

Portable, the Far Infrared Heat machine I could use any time, even while I was at my desk working. The ENDO Belt is simple to use, portable and requires no power source. It emits no heat and has no known side effects. It’s safe, effective, and accessible for anyone seeking pain relief or pain prevention. One ENDO Belt coming right up. I took immediate action, as I wanted my pain to go away now! I ordered my ENDO Belt and it arrived in the mail the very next day. Yay! This decision was a no brainer! I had to have it! Pain was going to be gone forever and I knew it.

From all the medical research on Far Infrared heat, I knew the pain was going to be healed and never to return. The instructions were very clear. Every day for 60 days I was to have a heat treatment. After 4 days, my pain was gone. After 30 days, my pain was still gone. After 45 days, my pain was still gone. After 60 days, my pain was still gone. I have never experienced pain ever again.

I got my life back. I Did it! ….I Did it! ….. I Did it! I got rid of the Pain! The Pain is Gone! No More Pain!

For the first time in a very long time. I could function again. I was normal again. I had my body back and I was so grateful. I was now able to Publish my book “1000 Ripple Effects”, successfully run my business and go out there and change the lives of the foster care kids for good. I could build my Vision to change the world! I can now build homes and schools for the kids who have left the foster care system. I can create 1000 Ripple Effects! Now, I have my life back.

I could now get back to what really inspires me.

I want to help kids, especially foster kids that often fall into the gaps, to transition from being a kid into being an adult. That means providing a place to stay that is safe, the education that is missing from school, and life skills they can use forever. I have A Vision to change the world!

I am here on earth with a mission to build home and schools for the kids who have left the foster care system. What is the first step? I have asked 1000 people to each write a story for the 1000 Ripple Effects Book. Changing the lives of people is what I love doing the most. My business is Creating 1000 Ripple Effects. This is my main core business. And guess what? I now had one of the 1000 Ripple Effects. Changing the lives of Women for the better.

Changing the lives of women with Endometriosis is one of the 1000 Ripple Effects.

I am on a Mission to Put an END to Endometriosis Pain for Ever! Women! Will you join me in living a pain free life and consider this: What might you achieve when you are pain free? Start becoming pain free today – don’t spend unnecessary days in pain.

I healed Myself:

NO drugs, NO surgery, NO birth control, NO Doctors. Complete and total pain relief. I have gone from living in every day Pain to living a Normal life totally pain free. I said GoodBye to ENDO Pain forever!

author face smiling Are You totally serious about saying “GoodBye” to your ENDO Pain forever! I Hear You! I Support You! ….Let’s Make This Happen….



(Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and I do not give any medical advice. If in pain, go and see your trained medical professional.)

Thanks, Stacey Huish

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